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BloodBound torrent reviews

Philip E (nl) wrote: One of those movies that no one should enjoy but I did

John B (us) wrote: Wonderful movie based on a true story during WW1 in France between the Germans, Scots, & French when humanity and peace kicked in and they enjoyed Christmas together in the trenches.

Alan N (mx) wrote: Quirky but fun. Kinda slow at times but I did enjoy it. Cast was good.

Jeslin K (au) wrote: It's a classic. The movie is utterly romantic. The lives of the characters will intrigue you; their emotions, their intense love move you to tears.This is an amazing movie.

Zoran S (mx) wrote: Well, this is an odd and loopy curiosity. I am not sure the film's weirdo mix of alien story and exploration of religious faith makes much sense but it's enjoyable to watch. Also, it has Andy Kaufman in a brief role as a crazy cop!

Josh M (es) wrote: Not real amazing but not cringeworthy bad or anything.