30-year-old Jon is released after seven years in prison and decides to put all his criminal activities behind him and start a new life.

30-year-old Jon is released after seven years in prison and decides to put all his criminal activities behind him and start a new life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bloodbrothers torrent reviews

Daniel M (jp) wrote: Some segments of this film early on had humor due to stupidity. It just was pieces together really horribly and the comedy went dry. You'd be ok not watching this film.

Kate B (de) wrote: OMG! Sooo funny! Saw it on HBO and want to see it again! NOW!!!!

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

Mark K (br) wrote: A truly miserable film.

Alex G (mx) wrote: Another failure that squanders all potentially interesting arcs in an effort to be as stereo-typically slasher as possible.

Dimitris S (ru) wrote: Incredible score to begin with.Annihilating performance by the unique Mastroianni. Pitch-perfect representation of the tumultuous Italian division of 19th century.Ignoring the political and social results would be fatal.Taviani are orchestrating through Morricone's music an opera of neoclassicism and reach breaking point in their time of film-making streak.

Tessa N (ru) wrote: Not well made, but the story is touching enough.

Twins S (br) wrote: A sensual horror... Possibly the scariest movie you will ever see

Jason S (br) wrote: Even with subtitles I had a hard time understanding any of the dialogue. Some of the song and dance numbers were too long and boring.

Sophie B (de) wrote: The Earth will be destroyed in 8 months time. A group of scientists and many civilians help to create a rocket to allow humanity to continue on. Brilliantly made and such a thoughtful, intese film that really makes you think. Recommended for all.

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Wonderful screwball comedy penned by Ben Hecht and featuring the luminous Carole Lombard.Trivia: The 1954 movie "Living It Up" starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis was loosely based on the screenplay for "Nothing Sacred".

Joackim O (it) wrote: La fraternit des peuples.

Aaron G (au) wrote: If Gary Ross had only written this movie, he'd still be one of the greatest screenwriters to ever live.

Timothy J (ca) wrote: A well acted incoherent mess.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: This is genuinely scary stuff. The images are disturbing and the plot is creative and interesting. What happens to Kevin Bacon here is pretty creepy and you actually feel for him.Good movie.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Terrible....I'm surprised that the critics even gave it that much! A b grade move is even better! Like pulling teeth! Acting is shit, script is shit, music is shit and even the title is shit! If you can get through more that 20 min of this movie you deserve to open a kindergarten, because you must have the patience of a monk!