IF YOU HUNT, YOU'RE FAIR GAME... In October 2005, five young people were kidnapped in the Highlands of Scotland by the militant Real Animal League. Stripped and abandoned in the wilderness, never for one moment did the friends know what was coming to them. What followed was a harrowing game of cat and mouse as their weekend retreat became a deadly case of live or die. Combining dramatic reconstruction, real footage from the Real Animal League's archives and compelling interviews with the survivors of the ordeal, BLOODED finally tells the true story behind one of the most extreme internet virals of modern times. A must see! In Cinemas 1st April, on DVD 4th April 2011. Join us on Facebook and Twitter @blooded2011

The tables are turned on a group of animal hunters in a remote location where no-one could hear them scream. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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andi dul r (kr) wrote: saya bingung soal alur film ini yang tidak begitu menarik, tidak ada ketegangan sama sekali dan twistnya pun biasa saja.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: A fun gem with delightful performances from Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette. Amazing musical numbers and costumes, make up, and art direction. The dialogue could be soft at times but it's really too fun to ignore. David Duchovny is also good and a spectacular cameo from Debbie Reynolds.

Cha t (au) wrote: I like this comedy, funny ensemble cast. Also cameo by the group General Public.

Mildo (nl) wrote: Luigi's favorite movie...loves the song too!

Ian B (de) wrote: Dear Friends, I know you are home sick, or unemployed, and fearnet is giving it up free, but be carefull. This mother freaker is about as dumb as a movie can get. Its my job to love this basura, its your duty to heed my warnings. Seriously though, you want mindless, this is gonna take you to the moon.

Carlton R (it) wrote: Richard Attenborough plays a sadistic gangster in this classic, He plays the role so well, He even looks evil, classic stough

Sean C (ru) wrote: Another fun acting job by Stanny - who; as usual - steals the show!

Willie J (gb) wrote: It's plot is uninvolving, uninteresting, and lacks suspense. That is this films downfall...the writing. The first fault of the film was trying to recreate the magic of the classic predecessor, "The Maltese Falcon". It cast the central three actors "Maltese" had (Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet) and attached the same director (John Huston), to the project. Unfortunately, the writers of "Across the Pacific" aren't nearly as skillful as John Huston was (he also wrote "The Maltese Falcon". The actors give fine performances, as was to be expected, but the film still cannot hold one's attention since the action i so uneventful. The film doesn't string us along like "The Maltese Falcon" did, instead it goes event to event, with boring characters and bland situations. It also doesn't help that these writers attempted to write in a sub-plot love story, which is usually a bad idea. Overall, this movie actually had potential, but the writing is so boring, and the visuals of the film are so bland, that suspense and thrills are never built, ultimately creating nothing interesting.

Sam R (ag) wrote: Another leftist hollywood attempt to mischaracterize conservatives and evangelicals as crazed fanatics with violent agendas. They don't realize that it doesn't work because Americans in most states identify with the people Hollywood is trying to smear