Master martial artist Masahiro Kai is a shadow of the champion fighter and trainer he once was. After his protégé was slain in a no-holds-barred, underground fight by the incomparable Chang Lee, Kai slips into a numbing alcohol-induced stupor to try to forget the past.

Years after retiring from the world of free fighting martial arts, a man returns to the deadly world of fighting after his best student is killed in the tournament. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob M (us) wrote: On the whole, I really like DC's animated movies, I feel that they're really well done and often give a great overview of some of DC most famous stories, but "Under the Red Hood" is absolutely my favourite. Jason Todd in the comics, pre-New 52, is somewhat of a generic bad guy, but this movie gives Jason so much depth and I wouldn't be surprised if this was where DC got it's inspiration for the new Jason in the New 52. "Under the Red Hood" gives such a great ride that I can watch it over and over again and never get bored of it, it has such great pacing and lots of gritty action for any comic fan.

Reina B (nl) wrote: Extremely thought-provoking; not for the intellectually challenged.

Chris C (ag) wrote: In a horror franchise that mainly transitions into more comedic elements than anything, 1993's Leprechaun delivers a few chills as well with a solid debut performance by Jennifer Aniston and a wickedly humorous lead from Warwick Davis.

Amethyst S (jp) wrote: Not near as good as the first Black Stallion movie, but O.K.

Ben L (fr) wrote: I'm perfectly willing to admit that, viewed today in our modern politically correct climate, I finally recognize the level of racial insensitivity in Murder by Death. It clearly is somewhat self aware because it makes a joke out of the offensive things that Sam Diamond says, but still it is a bit hard to take Peter Sellers' extremely stereotyped performance as a Chinese man. Of course, there are also pretty ridiculous characterizations of the French, English, and even Americans. The whole thing is an equal opportunity offender, and so it strangely doesn't bother me. I'm able to get past that hiccup and laugh quite a lot at this silly parody. The story is that a crazy man invites the 5 greatest detectives in the world to his home. These are all parodies of literary and film characters like The Thin Man, Miss Marple, Sam Spade, and more. He then challenges them to solve a murder in a house that is absolutely insane. They have rooms appearing and disappearing, a blind butler, a doorbell that screams, and even a plastic cook. Yes, you read all that correctly, but that's the kind of madcap insanity you can expect from Murder by Death. There are some jokes that fall flat and then there are others that have me laughing out loud every time. My favorite moments almost all involve Peter Falk as Sam Diamond, or Alec Guinness as the aforementioned blind butler.Yes, that is the kind of quality cast you get in Murder by Death. There's also David Niven, Maggie Smith, Truman Capote, and many more. If nothing else I have to commend this film on that cast, because they just have one great actor after another, and most of them with brilliant comedic timing. To be fair, the story is a bit too off the wall, I must admit. It's not a traditional murder mystery, or even one like Clue because you can't really solve the murder along with the detectives. The fact is that none of it really makes any sense and they basically just throw possible solutions at the wall and see what sticks at the end. However, that's part of the joke. Clearly Neil Simon, when writing this film, had a particular axe to grind with traditional murder mystery stories, because he hits on a lot of their common tropes. He makes a point of having characters use ridiculous leaps of logic in order to progress the story, because that often occurs in books/movies and only makes sense to the characters not to those of us watching. In the end he even points out how these stories will sometimes introduce a character we've never seen or heard of before in the final chapter, just to tie up their loose ends. I think, by and large, Murder by Death still works as a send-up of the genre. I'm not particularly familiar with the characters that are being parodied, so I'm sure there are even more jokes I'm not picking up on. Needless to say, I would recommend that you give this movie a shot, just make a point of not being too sensitive because those racially offensive characters and slurs can be a tad hard to swallow.

David C (ca) wrote: Something worthwhile,very good dancing moves at the begining of the film, as for the rest regarding story-line and acting, good for a Bollywood film.

Mike R (it) wrote: Bored me to tears when Hoffman wasn't on screen.

Nate C (mx) wrote: I really like this movie. It's actually good for a TV movie. It's also a lot better than the remake.

Danny S (kr) wrote: Looks very entertaining.

Seth M (ca) wrote: Best of its kind, British gangster/heist flick that is.