Bloodfist II

Bloodfist II

Jake Ray gives up his title after killing a man in the ring. When Jake goes to Manila to help an old friend, trouble awaits him! After fending off multiple attacks, Jake is finally captured and chained to a half a dozen martial arts champions. Taken to an island fortress, they are forced to battle chemically-stimulated killers in fights to the death. To win - and to live - it will take every ounce of strength and skill in their martial arts arsenal

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   remake,   beating,  

Kickboxing champion Jake Raye thought his fighting days were over, until a call from an old friend draws him to the Far East and into the hands of a madman. This time Jake's fighting for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (es) wrote: If you are a grown-up, forget it. The original HP had cute charismatic kids. This movie has none of that but it has special effects and more special effects. That's all. I can be happy I didn't pay but just borrowed from my library, but I must say I'm shocked that the flic gets such high RT ratings.

Akash S (nl) wrote: Shoojit Sircar's 'Madras Cafe' is a tight and gripping account on the Sri Lankan Civil war and Rajiv Gandhi assassination. I'm amazed it took over 20 years for someone to approach such an important part of the subcontinent's post-independence history. But I can understand the reluctance due to the highly-sensitive nature of the different groups in our country, and Sircar's blend of fiction & non-fiction may have been the right way to tackle it.It's different from the typical run-of-the-mill Bollywood action movies; it has an intelligent story, backed up by facts and actual incidents, with no romance, songs or melodrama. The characters are real and intriguing, each unique in its own way. The acting is commendable.People looking for a simple bombastic action thriller won't enjoy this. Only people aware of the subcontinent's political history and turmoil can thoroughly enjoy this movie, and what a treat it is, right up to inevitable but well-shot climatic assassination scene which leaves you paralyzed. After their thought-provoking and entertaining comedy 'Vicky Donor', with this movie it seems like Sircar and John (who produced Donor too) are here to change the ways stories are told in Bollywood - it's quite a welcome change!

Glenn C (ru) wrote: It's important that you go into Chillerama well prepared... it will make the difference between loving it and loathing it. Possibly taking cues from Tarantino & Rodriguez's Grindhouse, this new anthology film sets itself around the classic drive-in monster movies. Chillerama takes place at an old fashioned drive-in theatre on its final night before being closed forever. 4 creature features are screened for the patrons and each pays homage to different sub-genres. The first film is "Wadzilla" which is directed by Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, Homo Erectus) and it tells the story of a man who has a low sperm count. In fact he only has one sperm, but its gigantic. When it eventually gets free it continues to grow and destroys everything in it's path. It's very amusing. The second film is "I Was A Teenage Werebear", directed by Tim Sullivan (Driftwood, 2001 Maniacs) and parodies the 50's greaser flicks. A pack of teenagers terrorise a small community and begin turning people into werebears (yes, gay werewolves). I found this instalment kind of lame and was keen to move on to the next film which was "The Diary of Ann Frankenstein, directed by Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen). I loved this one. Presented in black and white it tells the story of Adolf Hitler who discovers the REAL diary of Ann Frank which was a how-to guide to creating life from death. And so Hitler builds his own creature. All of the dialogue is spoken in german-sounding gibberish with subtitles. I LOL'd aloud with this one. Very funny... and finally the last film is "Zom B Movie" directed by Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). It's a piss-take on George Romero's zombie flicks and its a nice way to finish up. Chillerama is intentionally bad and if you don't know that to begin with, then you will hate the film. It's crammed with great cameos from the likes of Eric Roberts, Lin Shaye, Robert Wise and Joel Moore just to name some.

Erin W (fr) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Steve S (ru) wrote: Small lump in the throat...

Deb H (ag) wrote: :up: The local film society chose this for the year's first viewing. I am unsure what to write here as this movie impacted me personally ... and very deeply. This is not a feel good movie. It has areas of subtitles which aren't a bother, but the movie is one rich in Jewish history, and how events change people. This movie actually requires the viewer to become engaged and then envelopes them without warning. Personally I identified with a broken man who was alone in the world and living with the ghosts of the past and trying desperately to live and function in the present. His only solace is writing. I can say that it is oft easier to open up and write the desperate and painful parts of our souls than it is to utter the words to another soul. For it is when the words are breathed that the feeling is intensified to a point of nearly destroying the author. These intense feelings are tempered by the goodness that each of us posses. I am convinced that under the surface, we are all broken into a million little pieces. What matters is what we use to glue them back together. That glue is love, forgiveness and understanding. I am moved to tears writing this review but I am very grateful for viewing such a thought provoking movie which will further assist me in picking up my own pieces and gluing them together. I particularly like the quote: "it is not extraordinary that wood can burn, but that it can float". I am not of Jewish descent but I can glean the wisdom of this quote. Each of us choose to either be consumed by the fire(s)and horrors of the past, or allow ourselves to float ... for that is when we will survive and thrive. One might say that I myself am beginning to learn how to float.

James C (fr) wrote: There everything funny about seeing David Duchovny being hit in the side of the head with a ball. Truly the highlight of a chronically upbeat film.

Tim W (mx) wrote: An amusing self-aware B movie horror. Plays on cliche's, sometimes disturbing, sometimes funny. Very jerky camera movement sometimes though. Take it as it is, a good bad movie.

Leonard D (au) wrote: Oh, it's a decent sequel, and it kept me laughing half the time!

Tim L (de) wrote: Anyone that loves a comeback story, love the legends of NYC basketball (ala "The City Game" by Pete Axthelm) will love this movie. The story begins at Kareem Abdul Jabbar's retirement when a reporter asks him about the greatest players he had gone against and saw play during his life. Kareem, who was known as Lou Alcindor, on the city courts in NYC before his conversion to Muslim was presses to give one name. He said, "That would have to be The Goat". This is Earl "The Goat's" story. Don Cheadle, Eric Lasalle (who also directed it), James Earl Jones and others all give stellar performances. Kevin Eubanks,formerly of the Jay Leno Tonight show, does the score .One of the greatest stories ever. One that should be in everyone's collection. Tim LangankeAustin, Tx

Reese J (br) wrote: Completely nonsensical, but so consistently bad, it's just sooooo good

Stacey O (us) wrote: Still love this film. Fun, silly, dance flick.

Nina S (mx) wrote: Love Nagisa Oshima. This is some pretty heady stuff, nothing you want to watch with your kids, even if they are all grown up. Based on true events, Oshima's raw portrayal of spiraling degeneration is in a class of it's own. Not for the faint of heart.

Gail W (es) wrote: Really liked this one - I went to the dentist and my mouth was completely numb when I went to see this one - it was hard to laugh but I still made an effort to do so - Like this one a lot.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Mars Attacks! sometimes struggles to find its identity as either a reimagining of campy B-movies or a satire of said genre, but the dark sense of humor and ensemble cast make it a wicked fun time regardless.

Rian P (au) wrote: It's a metaphor. Through the subject of the dog, the film asks, ''Is racism curable or incurable?'' You'll find the answer that it provides at the end a very interesting one. Great direction from Fuller (my first film of his). Downfall of the movie is the acting, though -- the humans, that is (this has the best performance by a dog in cinema, hands down).