BloodRayne: Deliverance

BloodRayne: Deliverance

Rayne, a half-human half-vampire warrior, is in the America's 1880's Wild West to stop the vampired Billy the Kid and his posse of vampire cowboys.

Rayne, the half-human/half-vampire warrior, ventures to America's 1880's Wild West to stop the vampired Billy the Kid and his posse of vampire cowboys. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil N (mx) wrote: With the new Freedom of Observation Act, mobile surveillance cameras " nicknamed eyeborgs " are now employed to ensure US citizens are not getting up to mischief. Musician Jarrett, the President(TM)s nephew, is an unwitting target for assassination, and with a Homeland Security agent and news reporter investigating, they discover the eyeborgs(TM) are taking over. Feeling like an eighties DTV movie, Eyeborgs is a lot of fun mixing sci-fi conspiracy and cheesy action and explosions. Plus it(TM)s got Danny Trejo as a guitar dealer!

Frank H (us) wrote: Saw it on the library shelf and thought to give it a look. What a find! Beautiful story about real people, family, community and love. This could never have been done by Hollywood.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Isabelle Adjani was sooo HOT in this, but that's about it.

Christopher L (ru) wrote: [i][b]Creepshow 2[/b][/i] - I don't understand how anyone could have enjoyed this. It lacks all of the spunk, laughs and, rather unfortunately, frights of the original film, though that one was pretty skimpy on those as well. This is an anthology film in which none of the three (skimpy!) vignettes work. Usually at least one or two will shine a light on the lame experience. Not here. Not at all. Cigar store Indian, evil lake-dwelling tarp and undead hitchhiker? Dreadful. [b]* (out of ****) D[/b][i][b]Demon Knight[/b][/i] - Billy Zane and Jada Pinkett have lots of fun in this gore-filled piece of stale bread. Demons attack a small group of weird folks at a seedy motel (if memory serves). Arms are torn off, nipples are clipped and attached to batteries (Thomas Haden Church must be so proud) and hilarity (both intentional and unintentional) ensues. Meh. I prefer the show. It was about an hour shorter. [b]*1/2 (out of ****) C-[/b][i][b]Disturbing Behavior[/b][/i] - Pretty much an extended episode of [i]The X-Files[/i] without Mulder, Scully or anyone remotely as interesting as anyone on [i]The X-Files[/i]. Katie Holmes and Nick Stahl do their best with shit roles, and we're interested for about a half hour of this trite nonsense, but when the ridiculous finale rears its ugly face, we give up, cash out and run for the liquor cabinet. [b]*1/2 (out of ****) D+[i]Fear[/i][/b] - I enjoy James Foley's [i]Fear[/i] on about the same level as I enjoyed his latest film, the much-hated Halle Berry thriller [i]Perfect Stranger[/i]. It's complete trash, but it's captivating trash. I like it, but I wouldn't dare recommend it. To anyone. [b]** (out of ****) C[i]Ghost in the Machine[/i][/b] - Conference for [i]Ghost in the Machine[/i]: "Hey! Lets make the most illogical, lame-brained and terribly written movie ever! Oh, and we'll fill it with sick gore effects that look totally fake!" I voted no in this little layer cake of shitty ideas, but the stupidity in the room was, rather obviously and unfortunately, overwhelming to my poor little hand. [b]Zero Stars (out of ****) F[/b]

Jack D (us) wrote: Absurd plot but with a lot of action.

Helters S (au) wrote: Fun cheesesy 80s corn

Brian W (ca) wrote: Great movie. Loved seeing the bands stories behind the songs and how much work they put into the MSG setlist. The only downside was seeing the cuts to the drunk fans from Boston travelling to New York. :Yawn

Deb W (it) wrote: This is a good little movie... of self discovery plus a sweet father and son relationship...way before Russell Crowe became a big screen icon.