Bloodshed at the Wedding

Bloodshed at the Wedding

The film is the story of girl Cveta who was abducted by the Ottoman bey and taken away in his harem. Bey is trying to embrace Islam, but its persistence, and its neighbors led beloved Spasa, and beloved local priest, assisted by diplomats of the great powers manage to free themselves. On the day of her wedding comes Bey with his army to try to get it back. Cveta dies, Spasa killing Bey and and goes to the committees.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Macedonian,Serbian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   epic,   fight,  

The film is the story of girl Cveta who was abducted by the Ottoman bey and taken away in his harem. Bey is trying to embrace Islam, but its persistence, and its neighbors led beloved Spasa... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec B (nl) wrote: really great film. no happy ending here, but one of hope.

Iven S (ca) wrote: Ummm,..... This ain't a comedy., , ok perhaps 10 yrs ago this was considered funny., but this ain't funny. I stumbled across this, spotted Cameron Diaz & Toni Colette, thought,... Yeah let's watch something 'Lite', something I don't have to think about ,... But this ain't that. This movie is one of those, you-need-to-treat-people-better movies, you know the ones...., the ones that make you remember all those times you fought or judged people for being flawed & human. Oh yeah..., you know what I'm talking about.... this ain't a comedy.

Ian C (es) wrote: I was really looking forward to this, but it was such a letdown. There is a high body count but it moves at such a snail's pace.

Mario P (it) wrote: Very good movie, like the soundtrack. From the start till the end keeps you interested and also amazing actors. I recommend this movie as five stars.

Viktor N (au) wrote: Rather thrilling actually. Worth watching a first time.

Brodie A (nl) wrote: Yeah, that's right. The 1999 Disney Original. I'll start off by saying I watched all four of these movies while I was sick in bed. I remembered thinking Smart House was interesting back in the day and had the urge to re-watch it. Of course it is very 90's. There's even a boy band dance sequence. With smart houses becoming a thing now I think this movie needs a do over. Who wouldn't want a vacuum sucking carpet and every meal made instantly just by asking? It's corny and cheesy and yet let me wanting to re-watch a lot of the Disney Originals. Good memories.

Abel D (es) wrote: A few fun bits of slapstick can't salvage this underwritten and lax buddy comedy. Pesci and Glover are charismatic enough, but their characters are so dumb it's difficult to root for them and any sort of development is non-existent, mainly because of how thin the main plot is.

Richard D (es) wrote: A low budget horror movie produced and released by Troma. It's interesting since it's an early/mid 90s "New Black Cinema" take on a fairly classic horror scenarion. It's produced by, directed by, written by and starring James Bond III (no, really), who had appeared in Spike Lee's "School Daze", and features Samuel L. Jackson and Bill Nunn in supporting roles, and Ernest Dickerson is the cinematographer. Kadeem Hardison from "A Different World" co-stars. It's interesting ... but ultimately not very well-made. The plot starts out as a modern take on a vampire film ... with Cynthia Bond picking up men in a bar and killing them ... but morphs into a kind of "Exorcist" clone. There's a fairly serious and important religious aspect to the film, which is kind of refreshing, but ultimately, it's more interesting for it's novel approach than for any entertainment value.

Laurence T (br) wrote: Far and away the best film to ever come out of the British Isles, Distant Voices, Still Lives is a beautiful, frightening and heartwrenching work that shuns sentimentality for repressed emotion, neglects class-orientated shock value in favour of the bare facts, and never sells itself short by attempting a final payoff. The lives of the family it portrays simply renew themselves, for better or worse, in a never-ending purgatory offset only by song, an ingredient the characters crave like junkies.

Evan K (es) wrote: Pretty decent adaptation, and oh so of the times. Great soundtrack.

Lee M (mx) wrote: There is nothing wrong with the idea of John and Mary, just with its execution.

Erika (us) wrote: not the right one that 1 looks retarded

Caitlin L (br) wrote: A disappointing heist movie.

Myriah D (mx) wrote: Horrible! utterly horrible. So bad I thought the beginning was some type of parody of a horror movie. Nope, cheesier than macaroni the whole way through.

WS W (it) wrote: The premise, even Act I (the prologue), sounds so interesting. But then, every scene/Act is being executed in a long & talky way, which makes the feature looking further flat & disjointed.

Monique Y (fr) wrote: Has anyone considered that perhaps Choat was doing to his daughter what Meecham did to his son? Parents, be loving to your kids or when you grow old and needy, your kids might still behave responsibly but for sure wont be there to supply the love you'll need!