Bloodsport 2

Bloodsport 2

After thief Alex Cardo gets caught while stealing an ancient katana in East Asia, he soon finds himself imprisoned and beaten up by the crowd there. Especially one of the guards, Demien, ...

After thief Alex Cardo gets caught while stealing an ancient katana in East Asia, he soon finds himself imprisoned and beaten up by the crowd there. Especially one of the guards, Demien, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayne M (ag) wrote: It's a low-budget, trashy sci-fi film made for tv. Watch with low expectations and it's absolulely fine (and occasionally unintentionally hilarious) viewing for a Sunday afternoon.

Lisa R (ru) wrote: Looks great, i want to go to that lake.

Luke P (jp) wrote: It's not as well made as Paul Haggis' previous work. But In the Valley of Elah is still an engrossing murder mystery that features strong performances by it's cast especially Charlize Theron and Tommy Lee Jones

James H (us) wrote: Predictable and ordinary, nothing special, nothing really bad, just another very average film that stands out in no way. The cast does okay.

1 Wifey (mx) wrote: I saw this movie when I was a teen... I loved it then and still do. It's great in it's own way. You just have to have a special love of movies to love it I guess.

Kurt A (ru) wrote: I was in disbelief over how stupid this movie is. It's just plain awful. It has a spitting image of Meegosh from Willow as a midget Nazi zombie.

Jared D (ca) wrote: Sad tragic story of the life of frances farmer hollywood star turned tragic icon jessica lange is amazing in this as is sam shepard i have this on dvd and if u like drama movies this might be one u may like

Greg S (au) wrote: A psychic serial killer uses astral projection and telekinesis to strangle blonde models who remind him of his mother. Cute special effects (and female victims) don't overcome the poorly though out story.

Charles P (kr) wrote: Better than Gone With the Wind? Yes. Why? Well, for one, it doesn't romanticize feudal, slave owning plantation owners. You know, 'cause those southern gentlemen know how to treat a lady', or whatever. A "cure" for rhuematism, according to James Mason, is having a small black child curl up around your feet. Many scenes of the film has this child underneath Mason's feet. Hilarious? Yes. Disturbing? Yes. Those last two lines sum up the film, hilarious and disturbing. The boxing match might be the most brutal fight I've ever seen filmed.

angel t (mx) wrote: I adore Natalie Wood and Robert Redford in this movie..The character she plays in this movie is so alluring..I pitty her situation and almost feel the desparation she must feel..When she's finally free of it..She's got this calming affect. And then the end goes to dramatically wrong..

Shonna N (ca) wrote: My husband and I were watching this together tonight, because nothing was on tv. After all these questions started happening. I desided to make a list of all the inconsistencies. So, eat your heart out.... 1st, The accents were horrible. Some points in the movie, I was confused on who the real "Spanish" decents were. Even noticed the Black hair friend of Eve, was using a "French" accent. And the Priest that she met in "Spain" didn't even have one! Some points in the movie I noticed that it rubbed off of Eve. 2nd Woman with the messed up leg, was actually balancing with her bad leg while she was clipping her toe nails on the bath tub. Not to forget to mention they didn't even show her death! What a rip off. And how in the world did water end up in her hallway when she was in the bathroom? 3rd The funniest Quote from the movie is when the blond school kid, Eves gf's bf, said "What is this I know what you did 18 summers ago?" LOL We laughed so hard! Cheese. :-D 4th Why was the oven turned on, when they could barely keep the lights on in that abandoned school house? Not to mention she didn't even run when she saw it on fire. Instead she looked there dumbly and let the Nun push her in. 5th When Susan is swimming in the flooded room, and her friend is running up stairs to turn the power off, so they wouldn't be electricuted by the light: How the the water and room still lit up? 6th They all agreed that the Nun was only allowed to kill those who killed her. Why was she allowed to kill the priest? 7th Eve ends up being the actual killer, and there's no possible way she could have been. My points being: --Eve couldn't have messed up the elevator when chick got her arms cut off. --She couldn't kill the priest when he was impaled by the water the Nun did. --It didn't even show the crippled womans death! I am not a critical person. So Here's the possitives about this flick ---Awesome special effects with the water, and the under water filming! The actual deaths (not counting cripples death) were very graphic and shocking. It was a great surprise seeing the priest get killed. Didn't see that comming. If I had to watch this movie again, I wouldn't.

Scott R (ca) wrote: A ground breaking film that paved the way for Star Trek.

John M (gb) wrote: Love thy neighbor. So this is about a boy (Buster Keaton) that falls for a girl that is the daughter of a family that has been trying to kill his family for generations. Now I really dig the Romeo and Juliet premise behind this; I was sold when I read the line "The only problem is her family has vowed to kill every member of his family" in the plot summary. Speaking as somebody who is a huge fan of Keaton's shorts and features, I don't feel that the execution here is ideal. While the core idea of this Hatfield-McCoy-esque feud is great, there is an excessive amount of set-up, and it takes a long time before it gets going. If I were to edit this down, I would have cut out the train sequence entirely, or at least whittled it down to a 5 minute montage; Buster does trains better in The General, and it really doesn't add all that much to the story, apart from setting up the initial, timid relationship between the boy and girl. Once they get off the train, that's when it picks up and you are able to get into it. All is forgiven if you can stick the finale with some stunt fireworks, and as always, Keaton puts himself at huge, personal risk, and it is always entertaining to watch. I would feel a lot more positively about this if it didn't feel as long as it does (silent films typically feel 1.5 times longer than their actual runtime), and I do believe this would work better as a 40-minute featurette than the 65-minute feature that it is edited to be.

Harman S (jp) wrote: wrost movie ever ... very low budget

Ryan G (gb) wrote: The sort of sequel to Dazed and Confused had interesting enough characters, but nothing really ever goes anywhere in terms of characters realizing where they're heading or what's important as they head into the next year of their lives.