Bloodstone: Subspecies II

Bloodstone: Subspecies II

Continuing after the first "Subspecies", a woman who has just become a vampire tries to escape the evil vampire, Radu, who seeks her as his love interest. But she has taken the vampire family's bloodstone, and now Radu must find her to get it back. While her sister comes to Romania to save her soul. It might be to late....

Continuing after the first "Subspecies", a woman who has just become a vampire tries to escape the evil vampire, Radu, who seeks her as his love interest. But she has taken the vampire ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bloodstone: Subspecies II torrent reviews

Panos Y (fr) wrote: 6/10 A bit over-the-top sugar-coated propaganda film about the good that there is in every cop... hmm... It is engaging though albeit too naive.

Justin P (jp) wrote: It was fun and so adorable.

lisa v (ag) wrote: Billy Crudup is hotter as woman than I am. Great film.

Larry Y (mx) wrote: Combine BAD GIRLS and POSSE to make weak hip-hop western.

Peter H (de) wrote: AMAZING animation! Very dark and full of grotesque humanoids. If you've been itching for a good sci fi fantasy this will definitely hit the spot! Some great voice actors in this movie including MF'n DUMBLEDORE!

Kat E (ca) wrote: Probably my favourite hetero romance movie out there. Penelope Cruz is perfection. I hate it that she ends up back with Tunijo at the end, but I love the suggestion that Cliff & Monica end up together too :)

Kathleen K (ca) wrote: My Mom told me she enjoyed this movie on Netflix, I have to agree with her.

chris h (it) wrote: even possessed Patricia Arquette is still fit

Matthew J (fr) wrote: An insulting, dumb action film wanting to be politically active, ending up boring and uninspired.

David Y (br) wrote: I like this movie. Great effects, interesting twist on the storyline, should've been a blockbuster. Movie kinda runs out of steam and becomes formulaic but still entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. Only those familiar with the original series will actually get the point of it all. Lots of in jokes as oldman hams it up brilliantly with his hammed up dialogue.

Julie S (it) wrote: watch this movie right now, also I want 2 own.....

Mark R (it) wrote: It was just plain dumb.

Anthony I (us) wrote: An extraordinary tale of strength and resilience against the impossible odds. Daniel Day-Lews gives one of the finest performances in all of cinema here as Christy Brown. Together with Jim Sheridan's direction, they paint an intimate and fascinating picture of Brown's life. It's just so inspiring!

Private U (kr) wrote: Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins, John Turturro! Nuff said. If you havn't seen this, you really should. Quirky, dark, unpredictable.

Hector C (br) wrote: One of the best classic horror films of all time. With all the great horror actors in this superb eerie movie..

Yng Y (ca) wrote: This film works so well in B&W. Colour would have subdued some of its impact. Ravishing top-notch visuals of raw nature, ruins and existence in an ancient Greek past! Bravely depicting young love in an unfettered sort of way and brings to the surface that children are not without sexuality.

Danny S (fr) wrote: I swooned all the way through!

XxFatimaXx (de) wrote: Awwww,I want a Lassie =)

Sherry L (us) wrote: Finally I got the chance to see this quite rare flick, which I've been trying to purchase for some time now. Pretty much better than I expected, since I've seen a few of those "biography-movies" from the 1930s which tend to be a bit mediocre by today's standards. With all respect to Paul Muni, who I consider to be one of the best actors of the 20th century, but I find The Story of Louis Pasteur and The Life of Emile Zola rather dull, despite all the nominations they recieved at their time. But The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, however, I found much more appealing since they didn't put all the focus on his invention and work but also his personal problems. Don Ameche made a very good portrayal of Bell, who you follows through a span of years, as he progresses in making a machine that will be able to transmit human voices (today, commonly known as the telephone). It was actually his eager commitment in helping deaf people that fueled his interest for inventing what's became to be the telephone. This picture is really engaging as you later watch the Bell's struggle to get patent for his life's work and earn money so that he can marry the love of his life. Worth a watch, if not for the story, the actors Don Ameche, Loretta Young and Henry Fonda.

Stephen G (de) wrote: Starts out extremely well, but instead of continually building up, it starts to actually flatten near the end. Still a good movie though.