Bloodthirsty Butchers

Bloodthirsty Butchers

Sweeney Todd, a barber, and Maggie Lovett, a baker, join forces to commit a series of brutal, gory murders in London with a little help from Tobias Ragg, an employee of Maggie' bakery who abducts a number of customers from the barber shop and kills them and helps the couple make "meat pies" out of the dead victims for sale.

A murderous barber and his equally psychopathic friend, a baker, hatch a plan whereby the barber murders people and the baker makes them into pies to be sold in his shop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin C (nl) wrote: Such a cute holiday movie. I really enjoyed it.

Megan P (de) wrote: Don McKellar was pretty adorable, and there were some HOT ladies in this. The one thing I didn't really like is how they kind of made light of the poverty and status and whatnot at the end. But it was interesting that Stella was such a complex character -- not a bad woman, maybe not a good one, but she does what she has to to make her life better.

Ted S (nl) wrote: Ronnie Bronstein is a genius.

Legion (au) wrote: My favorite part of this movie was the splitting of the moon.

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David R (us) wrote: See my review for Swimming to Cambodia.I liked all his monologues!

Brian B (mx) wrote: Gordon from Sesame Street as a Pimp ?? Hell Yeah ! This is a wild ride of a movie. Seems a little too long though. Ranks up there with Across 110th Street as best of the blaxploitation era.

Dylan F (gb) wrote: A good, well made, funny stoner comedy with James Franco being the obvious stand out, in which, by the way, got him a Golden Globe nomination

Scott M (gb) wrote: A likable film. Good for families to watch together.

Graham M (us) wrote: The basic premise is an intentional inversion of the usual slasher trope, but beyond that it's not really clever, scary or funny enough to stand out from other slashers.