Bloody Christmas

Bloody Christmas

In a small town Police are in search for a child murderer. Meanwhile Rich Tague a has been 80's action movie star, is attempting to figure out the meaning of Christmas as he plays Santa on ...

In a small town Police are in search for a child murderer. Meanwhile Rich Tague a has been 80's action movie star, is attempting to figure out the meaning of Christmas as he plays Santa on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe W (es) wrote: Pirates of the Caribbean stranger tides, or should I say X-Men Wolverine: origins. Two words that I had to say about this film, Holy Shit!!! What happen, this is a franchise that I really do care to see you when I want to have fun in a movie theater. Did I, absolutely not!! I just want to get out of my freaking chair go to the bathroom and puked all my popcorn I'll because I did not have any popcorn fun at this film. This film is a standalone Jack sparrow movie. And this entire film is all expected by exposition, they go place after place after place, in the entire movie and this movie story structure is the worst thing I have ever seen in movie history. And as for this is a Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It gets a good box office hit. Disney this is sure of a shame to make money from the people that are has a bit of diehard people that love this franchise, like I do. Because I am a huge fan of pirates. I hope for your next film that you bring back the original director, and not make it half ass. Grade 3.5/10

Pascal H (ru) wrote: 40 ans de la socit franaise passs en revue. Assez long (prs de 3h00 !) mais pas du tout ennuyeux. A voir... si vous avez 3 heures devant vous :-)

Denise J (us) wrote: A fantastic documentary about racism in individuals and in systems, like criminal justice. A must-see for anyone who cares about justice.

Richard R (kr) wrote: A sobering look at the social and economic destruction brought about in developing counties by IMF and World Bank policies.

Raaj C (br) wrote: Let's be honest here, musicians should stay away from movies. Any musicians in any form should NOT be in a motion picture...unless it is Justin Timberlake or Lindsey Stirling. Seriously, whenever a pop star ends up in a full motion picture, they are the ones to ruin it. I mean Will-I-Am, Rihanna, and (sadly) Michael Jackson has proved that with their debut film appearances. Though there is one in particular that makes his movie seem whiter than he already is. The guy isn't even a great rapper nor is a great actor. This is Vanilla Ice and his cinematic train wreck, "Cool as Ice." This movie is so bad that is makes Michael Jackson look like the King of Pop-oh wait, because he IS the king of pop. There is no story in this what so ever. Even if you try to find it, you will spend hours and hours revisiting this abomination of a movie, trying to find some sort of evidence that there is a plot-I recommend you don't because you will want to kill yourself after watching it the first time. From what I can tell, the story is about Johnny (played by that walking Ice Pop) and is "rad team of generic bikers" ends up in a generic town and falls in love with this random hot chick of the movie. That is it! That is the extent of the story! You'll learn nothing about the different characters and settings. The editing is basically cluttered with generic dramatic scenes and moments when you feel like you are watching a music video...oh wait, you are watching a music video. This movie is just a scheme for Ice to get more recognition than he already has. The dude acts like he is cool, but he is just TOO white. Seriously, half the people I know don't talk like he does. I mean I know that this movie came out in the 90's, but Michael Jackson had more of a human character in his line of work. As you already known, do not see this movie. It is just horrible to watch. Watch a Michael Jackson music video, or something worth watching rather than this turd of a movie. I am giving this film a 1 out of 5 stars.

Sanford R (gb) wrote: Not bad. A very emotional film

James C (br) wrote: Really unfunny 1968 film about a Jewish lawyer who drops out after seeing his brother's sexy girlfriend who makes some pot laced brownies for him. While it paints the characters in broad stereotypes, it isn't necessarily harsh on either the hippies or the conservatives but it also isn't very funny either. Maybe it was back in 1968, but not now. Sellers is pretty much wasted here (and I mean that in a talent way, not a "high" way.) You're better off seeing him in "The Party" from writer/director Blake Edwards which was done the same year.

Emod L (nl) wrote: 95%Amadeus is an incredibly bleak, immersive and well-acted piece that doesn't take sides.

Terry G (kr) wrote: TV quality and not sure plot had any ... girth? But a cute enough original romcom.