Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley

Bloody Fight in Iron-Rock Valley

When Chul-Ki was young his family was killed. Now as an adult, Chul-Ki is released from prison after serving 12 years. His plan for revenge is set to begin ...

When Chul-Ki was young his family was killed. Now as an adult, Chul-Ki is released from prison after serving 12 years. His plan for revenge is set to begin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aishwarya K (us) wrote: Truly Indian movie..........Great

(jp) wrote: You have to be in the mood for suspense drama to watch this. It is a very long movie. The pace is very slow and at times confusing with the flash back. For some reason I think it could be clearer on that part. However, it is a very complex movie in any way. The complexity does not only cover its plot and story but also the humanity exploration in it. I think Jeong Jae-Yeong always portrays his characters in comical way, which is ok. Like other Korean movies and a lot of other good Asian movies, dark comedy is always a part. His comical character brings that up in a good way. Bear with the long and slow pace, and you'll be happy with the ending.

Karl G (ru) wrote: Boring until she escapes then gets better then it's over! Seen worse!

Bill B (us) wrote: This was a stunning film that kinda blew me away on all levels just from the first viewing.The deliberate, matter-of-fact death-dealing is so unrelenting you're left on the edge of your seat almost from the first frame right down to the very last.Recommended.

Sarah M (kr) wrote: love it. it warms my heart

Anne M (au) wrote: Could be interesting . . .

L0ve dee (es) wrote: i think i saw this but i didnt like it

Scott R (ag) wrote: Is there even a screenplay?

Pablo G (ca) wrote: 4.5/5As one of his last big films, Jodorowsky shows all of his talent and all of his progress when it comes to film making in general; Santa Sangre, fueled by an amazing soundtrack, is simply magnificent and charming from start to finish, and while the story is a bit too familiar, it is accesible enough and beautifully written to make it one of his best efforts in his strange and intriguing carreer.

Jason K (au) wrote: LOOKS REALLY STUPIDGo watch Finding Dory Or The Secret Life Of Pets InsteadI BEG YOU SKIP THIS PILE OF CRAP!KEEP ON MAKING ABYSMAL REVIEWS! :)

Shane S (kr) wrote: For a Disney film, this flick is super freaky and super scary! Good cast...and is scarier than most horror films.

Flike S (jp) wrote: I guess you can say this set some standard for the angry, criminal up and comer, and influenced some other high profile directors. Still, the performances, photography and many other technical aspects were very stale. Its all so robotic an very contrived. This is a very dated picture, but when directors such as Bresson and Renoir, to only name a few were making pictures at the same time, with much more depth and clarity, I feel there is really no justification here.

Luke G (it) wrote: Very well acted. A very powerful performance from Josh Hutcherson. Alfred Molina is always spectacular, and Hayden Panettiere is fabulous in everything she decides to do. The cast was amazing so I was sold before I put the DVD in my computer. However, once the movie started, I was so impressed. The movie was a journey through Joshua's life. It's a journey through a lot of hardships. And, there are fabulous art references. Josh Hutcherson is definitely one of my new favorite actors. Yes, the movie had some boring plot moments that could have been better, but the acting and the beautiful direction pull the film through. I loved it :)

Adam W (ca) wrote: Despite a good cast this film is cinematic faeces.Theres just nothing going on the whole film. Its slow, its boring and its 2 hours long.Valkyrie is a massive disappointment, a film with plenty of talking and thats it.

Perry H (de) wrote: This was a great feel-good movie. A total sleeper, there are moments in this film that will make you laugh out loud, like when Julie Bowen takes Allen to a new age art feature. The nude male artist paints a canvas by drawing paint up into his ass from an enema bag, then splatters it on the canvas by bending over and squirting it. Some of the paint splatters onto Allen. I started watching this movie on a rainy day at home, totally expecting it to be a stinker...but found myself pleasantly surprised.