Bloody Kids

Bloody Kids

The slender premise springs from the actions of two listless 11-year-old boys, the cold, manipulative Leo, and his weaker, more impressionable friend, Mike. Contemptuous of the fallible ...

The slender premise springs from the actions of two listless 11-year-old boys, the cold, manipulative Leo, and his weaker, more impressionable friend, Mike. Contemptuous of the fallible ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Betsy L (nl) wrote: This movie is aptly named...Disappointing. Very disjointed plot, scenes like the newspaper clipping and the little lady in the archives room making a desperate phone call that went nowhere, is just one of the many wtf moments. Wish I could get a refund. This one is not even Netflix worthy.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: Desperately poor film about freak tornadoes that bombards Boston with large rocks.

rajab k (au) wrote: A heart warming look of a humble 'star' who's made a dramatic impact on modern day civil rights, lacks the controversial bite of other docus but is an interesting look on the takeis

Olly H (mx) wrote: harmloser spass...kann man sehen...muss man aber nicht

Ging S (jp) wrote: Car chases, kidnapping, guilt, redemption and Hong Kong, this is the best combination ever!

Pablo G (ag) wrote: The film is dangerously close to being a mess of ideas, as it talks about art and beauty just as much as it strays from originality, but mantains a comical and romantic tone that bring the many subjects into one strangely satysfying narrative.

Kayla L (mx) wrote: A great sequel to the first, glad to have an explanation of the first movie (as vague as it may seem at first). Very nice complex plot that takes a moment to understand. Seriously eerie, though I didn't find it as creepy as the first in general, but several scenes are a much high quality of freaky/eerie! I love the advancement on the plot and how it shows how everything is interconnected and why/how the calls are being set forth.

Christian C (gb) wrote: I didn't hate this as much as everyone else. There's nothing new in the story or the filming, but it's all done well. It is weak when compared to "Lord of The Rings" or "The Hobbit", but it's much better than other fantasy films like Tom Cruise's "Legend". I personally found "Eragon" entertaining.

Brandon S (it) wrote: Takeshi Miike leaves his usual gore filled epics for this children's film that does sport a lot of action and some truely fantastic costume designs as well. During summer vacation a young boy is chosen at a local festival to be the annual Kirin Rider, which is a mystical guardian against the evil Yokai spirits. So the boy decides to fulfill the destiny of the Kirin Rider by climbing a mountain to get a powerful sword from the goblin king to stop the evil Yokai lord that is planning a full scale assualt on Tokyo. Perhaps the film is a little on the long side, but don't be scared off because it is a children's film it will still appealto adults, but be prepared to not understand all the Japanese mythology.

visitorQ S (nl) wrote: Was um alles in der Welt sollte das? Ich bin mit allzu groer Wahrscheinlichkeit zu dumm fr diesen Film. Macht mir aber nichts aus. 2,5/5?!? Keine Ahnung.

Tiana R (de) wrote: I love Drew Berrymore and the lead guy looks hot... but this movie looks like a dud.

Laurent P (de) wrote: Un nouveau Ozon qui se veut transgressif en filmant papa porte une robe mais qui se revele au final terriblement poussif et sans finesse notamment par la faute d'une ecriture baclee...

Kevin R (it) wrote: Your dream smells bad to me.One night while driving home from an event and receiving oral pleasure from his wife, a successful lawyer runs over and kills a gypsy's daughter. In court the incident is ruled an accident and the lawyer gets off from responsibility. The gypsy father places a curse on the lawyer that causes him to get thinner and thinner until eventual death. How can the lawyer get out of this mess?"Was I giving myself a blowjob just then?"Tom Holland, director of Fright Night, Child's Play, The Temp, and Fatal Beauty, delivers Thinner. The storyline for this is fairly straightforward and fun to watch unfold. The characters are well written and a bit cartoonish but the conclusion is well executed. The cast delivers mediocre performances and includes Stephen King, Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Lucinda Jenney, and Kari Wehrer."Did you try it? Yep. You tried it."I came across this on Netflix and wanted to watch this for the first time in a long time. I remember watching this when it came out and thinking it was just okay. Well, it is just okay but in a Tales from the Crypt kind of way. I recommend giving this a viewing if you're a fan of the genre."Before you know it you'll be able to see your balls without using a mirror."Grade: C+

Sarah C (ag) wrote: The most touching movie I've seen in a very long time.

Andrew B (us) wrote: Supposedly this was both Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith's favorite movie. As someone who is also an angsty beta male I can see why.In contrast to its deeply American aesthetic, which is fantastic, the movie's themes are the antithesis of the unbridled American dream. A man on a quest to lose what he has earned and return what he feels he does not deserve. A very surprising story given that it was made in the middle of a decade of hedonistic materialism.The pacing may put some people off as it takes an exceptionally long time to tell a very simple story, but for the most part it worked for me as it gave the sense that this was a small part of a larger chapter of Travis' life. The cinematography also captures some of the best shots of the Southwest I've ever seen, they almost make Texas not seem like a complete cesspool, until the end of the film.Very nice movie.

Leonardo d (br) wrote: excelente pelicula!!!!!! del ao del pedo..pero mas que buena!

Dan C (gb) wrote: Blah, but with glimmers of genius here and there. Seriously awkward performances, and I just can't see the "technical mastery".

Matt D (gb) wrote: A new twist on The Odd Couple...DeNiro and Crystal are hilarious in.

(fr) wrote: TOOLBOX MURDERS (2004)