Bloody Mallory

Bloody Mallory

Mallory is the head of an elite government-run strike force dedicated to combating the supernatural. Her team includes the drag queen Vena Cava, an explosives expert; a mute, pre-teen telepath capable of possessing others named Talking Tina; and an armed governmental agent named Durand.

Heroines Mallory, Vena Cava and Talking Tina fight the fallen angel Abaddon and his accomplices vampire Lady Valentine and succubus Morphine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (au) wrote: Doesn't have the feeling or humor as the original. As it is, it's an annoying movie that left me with a headache.

Jake G (fr) wrote: Girl Rising will pull at your heart, but the narrators get lazy near there last story.

Abb J (fr) wrote: The Possession of Michael King: Typically these "Possession of (fill in the blank)" movies are little more than flimsy stories showcasing predictable cheap jump scares, but this one starts off promisingly enough, about a recently-widowed documentary filmmaker trying to prove the existence (or non-existence) of the afterlife... via the occult. About halfway through the film, however, the director jettisons the effectively creepy scenarios that make this film unique, and turns it into an unpleasant, gory Paranormal Activity ripoff. Such a waste. C

Axel K (ru) wrote: With good characters and slapstick gags, there is some fun to be had, but you'll need more if you aspire to shape a good film. Death at a Funeral opts against that and therefore doesn't furnish more than the occasional laugh.

Talon D (ru) wrote: A very, very, very funny movie. One of the funnest movies I've ever seen. I just love Eddie Murphy. It also had a very unique story that was funny and unexpected. And it also had some great other actors in it as well such as the security guard in the ship, the 2nd in command of the ship and the lady he gets to know throughout the movie. Oh, and especially the cop who was overly interested in everything and turned out being right. One part I didn't quite like was the fact that they made a huge deal of them not leaving and turning it into a positive thing, and then at the end, they get power back and leave without question. That part didn't make a lot of sense and was anticlimactic a bit. Other than that though, I just loved the movie. It also had some good heart in it as well and was clean so it would be okay for everyone to watch. I like seeing what Eddie Murphy is doing nowadays and part of that is because I watched this movie. Just a hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny movie. Highly recommend.

Topher B (jp) wrote: This movie is proof that a mediocre idea can be turned into a true waste of film. Surrounded by ripoffs from Immortal Beloved and Amadeus, not that the former of which would be worth ripping off, this pathetic attempt at a period piece had about as much to do with Beethoven as those stupid St Bernard movies. I applaud the attempt at a feminist slant, but it made little sense here. And by the way the term "Grossest Fugue" was a from a spoof by PDQ Bach. The actual work is the Groe Fuge, and as no other German was spoken through out the film, it should have been translated to "Great Fugue." Oh, but I forgot, that was the part where Harris danced around in his underwear and said that music has to be ugly to be human, so he had to say "Gross." I think this was after the extremely awkward sponge bath scene, which was just SO relevant. I always forget that part of Music History when composers say to their copyists (as if they actually met them), "Wash me." I think it's the audience that needs to be washed.

Jim S (es) wrote: I think that if you're looking for a copy of this movie on DVD or Blue Ray, you just have to drop into your local cheese shop and you'll find it right next to the cheddar. Very cheesy movie that looks great but you have to fight your way through the over-the-top acting and non-sensical direction to grab your slice.

Shibansu G (us) wrote: a complete family enetertainer.

Darren P (ru) wrote: Strangely prophetic, but overdone.

Greg W (us) wrote: good coming of age tale, oh yes another one!

Tabby (nl) wrote: my all time favorite i cry at the end ever time i watch this

Howie N (nl) wrote: Before Lee Majors there was Hooper! But before Hooper, there was EVEL KNIEVEL!!!!!

Bjorn O (mx) wrote: Galen, vrickad, vldigt underhllande.

Scott J (ru) wrote: Not one of the better Christopher Lee Dracula flicks.

Keith W (jp) wrote: Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire -- really hard to go wrong with that combination!

Greg D (gb) wrote: Camera mobility and dream sequence imagery give this 1924 film a nod in the right direction. Innovative work

Tom B (au) wrote: A quintessential short: a riff on a well-known scene with a twist or two or more. This animated short starts out with the scene from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in which the little boy is called to the spaceship. But here the spaceship is a driver's test for a teen alien with a Jabba the Hutt-like figure as the evaluator. The ensuing chaos lasts through the credits.

Cody M (us) wrote: Tonal disaster, but somewhat entertaining at the same time.