Bloody Mama

Bloody Mama

Sexually abused as a young girl, Kate "Ma" Barker (Shelley Winters) grows into a violently powerful woman by the 1930s. She lovingly dominates her grown sons, and grooms them into a pack of tough crooks. The boys include the cruel Herman (Don Stroud), who still shares a bed with Ma; Fred (Robert Walden), an ex-con who fell in love with a fellow prisoner; and Lloyd (Robert De Niro), who gets high on whatever's handy. Together they form a deadly, bizarre family of Depression-era bandits.

A psychological gangster film based on fact. Machine gun totin' Ma Barker lead her family gang (her sons) on a crime spree in the Depression era. Her loyal brood have every perversion ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deborah G (jp) wrote: This movie is so bad I have made an account with Rotten Tomatoes for the express purpose of reviewing it. The movie had two redeeming qualities: antique cars and amazing costumes. The rest was crap. A useless waste of time.


Ben T (au) wrote: Yea it's stupid and cheesy but it has a decent story and has some good action sequences for a PG film. The child actors in this are actually pretty good as well.

Jennifer M (it) wrote: Wow, bad? awful? confusing? The acting was terrible, the plot and story were werid.

Rachit K (mx) wrote: The movie was sensible. The political overtones to it made perfect sense. Considering the fact that it seems like a low budget movie, the theme plot was rather strong and dealt well with. Its a story of a homosexual college going kid, who belongs to a politically influentil family. It portrays a realistic fix of the mire on might feel stuck in while accepting what one really is and what one others expect want him to be..!! More than the homosexual plot to it, the concept of a tyrant father and ignored son and the after effects of it was kind of realistic, rather than cliche.

Yun K (gb) wrote: Its pile of cliches are mitigated by charismatic and adorable performances by the leads

Tank J (ca) wrote: The movie so true. I make myself watch it agin

Oliver N (ca) wrote: Taking his turn as the propheted secret service agent, Pierce Brosnan rocks the tuxedo in the swaggering show of confidence which is none other than Goldeneye. By far his best movie, Brosnan breaks the 'average' Bond streak with an exciting, poignant, and substance-filled action movie... a real treat.

Greg W (ca) wrote: awesome crime murder who done it

Matthew P (br) wrote: Horrible. Simply horrible.

Rawballs B (ag) wrote: Enjoyable enough to be damned by Aaliya's surprising acting...

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Raqi M (ru) wrote: I'm being nice and giving this two stars cause of Chris Evans.