Blown Away

Blown Away

After her mother is killed by a car bomb, a 17-year-old girl lives a reckless and decadent lifestyle. She begins having sex with a boy who works at a local ski resort. He falls in love, and she tells him of her suspicions that her strict father was responsible for her mother's death and wants him to help her out of her situation. He must decide whether she's telling the truth or using him to her own ends.

Teenage beauty tries to convince her new boyfriend that her father murdered her mother and that he should die too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler W (it) wrote: Awesome Found Footage Movie!

Ben C (nl) wrote: Pretty funny, mostly because it revolves around such a ridiculous and funny character. Although the second half is somewhat reliant on music video montages, there are enough good jokes to keep everything moving.

Jared P (us) wrote: The problem with doomsday is that while it is a fun flick you can heavily see the influences of other films from the post apocalyptic genre.

Jaime Nicolas C (us) wrote: A flying dog, come on!!!!!The Worst movie I have ever seen in my hole life!!!

Megan G (br) wrote: it wuz kinda boring,lol

Tim S (ag) wrote: It's true that Switchblade Sisters is one of the better exploitation movies from the era, but I don't agree that it's all good fun. There are things in this movie that made me cringe, such as the lead actress. It's like they hired the most annoying little girl they could find for the part. The rest of the cast is more of the same. I'm not sure why I took such a dislike to the film, but it's probably to do with that. The dialogue is often grating as well. The film picks up in the second half when things really heat up, and the film ends very well. I liked the movie overall despite my dislike for things about it, I suppose, but not enough to warrant recommending it to anybody. I'm sure that exploitation fans will probably get more out of it than I did.

Amanda P (es) wrote: A psychedelic mod freakout threw up a James Bond clone and not even General Zod can save it! She's got everything in her powerband toolkit--except a coherent plot. One whole star because the theme song is catchy. "Modessssssteeeeeeeee! Modesty!"

Gabriel K (it) wrote: I just absolutely loved this film. The great Jean-Pierre Melville demonstrates his creative touch by honoring the classic American criminal cinema of the 40s. It is therefore no wonder he has been referred to as the godfather of the French New Wave auteurs. I think a lot of contemporary Hollywood directors making schematic and boring criminal thrillers should have a good look of how it is supposed to be done by studying this particular film in detail. It is stylish, fresh and keeps you thinking.

Jake M (kr) wrote: Christian Bale is superb as a good man who suffers through a difficult life in this tragic American Epic.

Johnathon W (es) wrote: Epic western thanks to a superb cast and Hawks brilliant direction. John Wayne gives one of his best performances as Tom Dunson, a stubborn & driven man that can build a cattle empire and drive a herd thousand of miles, but run off his loved ones in the process. He's matched well by Montgomery Cliff, who isn't blind to his adopted father's faults but his love provides his loyalty till he goes too far. Behind the camera, Hawks crafts one of his best films, making great use of the epic landscape while providing realistic depiction of life on the range (death & hard living were a part of it). Hawks admirably also keeps Dunson conflicted, not softening his edges but gives him enough layers you can understand him (he's the kind of man who will kill someone but then read the Bible at their funeral). Plus, the story takes some nice twists, even playing against expectations while still be satisfying. Overall, one of the best films by both John Wayne & Howard Hawks, which by default, makes it one of the best films ever.

Cassandra M (mx) wrote: I loved this movie. Totally hilarious. Loved how the characters react to 21st century life style and brought with them their hilarious habits and way of life from the past. This movie is a must see!! We rented it and watched it five times in five days. Highly recommended for a great laugh! Andre is very funny and it is great to see him realize that he can be a free man and finally stand up for himself. It helps us realize how inhumane the treatment of "slaves" were in ancient history. Helps us realize how much we take for granted in the 21st century too. This movie is like a mix between Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail and Napoleon Dynamite, at least that is what type of satirical humor it reminds me of and I think both of those movies are absolutely hilarious as well, the kind that you like to watch again and again and find yourself quoting over and over and laughing. It was a great movie!!