A young man is torn between the woman he loves and his loyalty to his father, the leader of a mexican gang.

A Mexican bandit, part of a gang led by his father, goes on a raid into the U.S. He falls for a beautiful woman and decides to leave his life of crime and settle down with her. Eventually ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (br) wrote: Far better than number two in the franchise. At the very least Dark of the Moon manages to work itself up closer to the fun of the first Transformers film.

Karl W (mx) wrote: good story. poor telling.

J K (es) wrote: Back before Kate Beckinsale was hot and back before Stuart Townsend won the Charlize Theron gravy-train lottery.

E L (au) wrote: Completely distasteful and messy. The story ends abruptly in the middle with no attempt at resolution. One or two fight scenes stand out for their flashiness but so what?

Jose Miguel G (de) wrote: A movie that, from start, to finish, captures and embraces you with a classic western story, with the proper doses of action, character development and suspensful moments, all superbly combined with the presence of an amazing cast.

Ryan T (jp) wrote: The first movie in a long time that I actually bawled at. In my life, I have had a loved one, my mother, who passed on from cancer??seeing the scenes of people being so sick, yet people taking care of each other, made me remember of mom's struggle and the aftermath of her illness. A very sensitive portrayal of the 1980s AIDS crisis. My wish and prayer would be for those who see the movie to understand that the message it brings still holds so true for today, that there are insidious things in our world that we all can contend with, together.

Lynn K (fr) wrote: ARG. someone tell me how i can get my hands on this.

Jonathan M (jp) wrote: Although this film has been critically lauded it is still a tough sell. Lola is a 19th century fallen woman celebrity who recounts her life in flashbacks during her bizarre circus performance. The gaudiness of the colours and costumes goes along with the film's artificiality, but I found it trying. Worth seeing for the endless tracking shots and Anton Walbrook, who is always great.

Jacob F (gb) wrote: Good but Hitchcock has done much better.

Joel H (gb) wrote: Werewolf of London feels a lot like The Wolf Man. Or, since Werewolf of London came first, I should probably say that The Wolf Man feels a lot like Werewolf of London. They're very similar stories and they both have that classic horror film feel. However, while The Wolf Man made Larry Talbot a sympathetic figure, Dr. Glendon is kind of a jerk. The comic relief also feels out of place in this movie. But Werewolf of London is still worth watching, even if The Wolf Man is the better film.

DC F (es) wrote: Not how things really happened if you know anything about Billy the Kid, but the movie relied on emotion, gun battles, and slight humor that worked fine for me. The main characters' personalities varied which made them their own and I felt were likeable. This pic had a solid plot with a satisfying ending.