Against a plain, unchanging blue screen, a densely interwoven soundtrack of voices, sound effects and music attempt to convey a portrait of Derek Jarman's experiences with AIDS, both literally and allegorically, together with an exploration of the meanings associated with the colour blue.

Against a plain, unchanging blue screen, a densely interwoven soundtrack of voices, sound effects and music attempt to convey a portrait of Derek Jarman's experiences with AIDS, both ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif K (kr) wrote: After completion of her examinations, Mumbai-based Rhea Dialdas, who lives with her parents; younger sister, Minty; and paternal grandmother, looks forward to spending more time with hunky Luv Nanda, the son of Mukesh - rumored to be a smuggler. Her plans change abruptly after her parents decide to travel to Pune and ask her to look after Minty and Grandma, and she ends up canceling her date with Luv. She hangs out with her friends, Sonia Lovani, and Jugnoo Shastri and finds out that Luv has not only been two-timing her but is also busy accumulating points on a website called BBC - Billionaire Boys Club. She and her friends decide to teach Luv a lesson.well this is a movie from a new Sub-Production Of Yash Raj Film called Y-Films, they will be making movies on the youth, targeted on the younger generation. this is their first attempt and if you look at that way it is entertaining if not good, a very nice is little bit cliched or unoriginal, i seriously don't remember any movie like this, maybe a Hollywood one, what was it some john tucker or something but anyways it was a nice entertaining movie to watch after so much of disappointments from Bollywood.Directed by newcomer Bumpy, he is good with this Teenage chick flick movie, i enjoyed it because it is not so girly. he did a fine job but he needs some work. it stars newcomer Taaha Shah, he is so good looking and has some potential but its too early to say since this movie belongs to the girl, you just see him performing towards the end in his full potential. with him is the Teen Patti actress Shraddha Kapoor, she is good i like her. co starring Archana Puran Singh, Shenaz Treasury, Riya Bamniyal and others.Screenplay is really interesting, funny and catchy and it is thrilling too. you just love seeing that guy luv suffers after what he does with her. it breaks the old movie taboo of dominating male thing it is an badass girl power kind of movie. songs were not that good just fine. i liked Ali Zafar's cameo. Freak out, Tonight are good songs. go see it just to enjoy and have a good time.

Joetaeb D (kr) wrote: There is much to love in From Paris with love, especially John Travolta's hammy performance. But it's messy narrative makes it probably too faithful of an homage to trashy action flicks

Cle S (mx) wrote: A refreshing forthright mafia portrayal that manages to impress without big Hollywood names. While movies like "The Godfather" sometimes make you think of joining a criminal organisation to make the big money without any effort, "Gomorra" absolutely crushes such thoughts.

macdonald n (br) wrote: cnt sae no 2 ths one

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 82%Saw this on 15/1/15Frequency is well directed and it's story is rather unique. It's visual effects range from good to mediocre. It's first 40 minutes is mind blowing and although it's plot thickens towards the second half, the over influence of action slightly hacks the interest of viewers, however still the ending of the film is good enough to keep it memorable.

W W (ru) wrote: The third installment in Godfrey Reggio's visual montage trilogy. The computer generated imagery makes it more nuanced than the previous two.

Robert I (es) wrote: Overtly sad horror film originally produced for TV is actually pretty good on its own merits. Great cast and vibe. However, the film isn't actually scary at all and that hurts it quite a bit. You will fear Redneck justice however.

Connor B (nl) wrote: Classic sci-fi and nothing less. Like Spielberg's other great entertainment pieces (Jaws, E.T., Raiders, Jurassic Park), it gets you so invested that it's not just viewing a movie, it's like taking a big journey.

Muhammed S (us) wrote: Awesome classic, love the dreary and eerie forest bit!

ClaRita C (br) wrote: This movie has lots and lots of funny moments, it mocks so many stereotypes and lifestyles. I've never seen anything like these aliens, these " gorilla wolf motherfuckers" hahaha. It's always enjoyable to watch kids fight with fireworks and home supplies, feels more like ninja play.

Dann M (br) wrote: A bizarre horror-comedy from Stephen King, Cat's Eye is uneven and poorly crafted. This anthology of tales follows an aversion therapy clinic that uses mafia tactics, a sadistic millionaire who makes an unusual wager, and a child who's being stalked by a troll. Each segment has a different tone, and the troll story feels especially out of place. Additionally, the through-line connecting the various stories is tenuous and weak. However, the casting is rather interesting, and features James Woods, Robert Hays, and Drew Barrymore. Yet as bad as the film is (and it is bad), Cat's Eye is mildly entertaining and has its moments.

Juan Diego L (kr) wrote: Muy cercana a la primera en mi opinin, mantiene el mismo humor, es muy chistosa, y el hecho de que exista un misterio y se trate de resolver con comedia, la hace aun mejor.

The Movie G (ru) wrote: Sad movie, but Julianne Moore nails it

bill s (au) wrote: They call this an iconic comedy?????Heeeeell yes and that's a fact jack.