Blue Bird

Blue Bird

In the middle of the 18th Century, the Ruster family immigrates to the United States. The father, a former farm laborer, leads a hard life as a settler along with his family. One day the nine year-old George, his second-youngest son, is kidnapped by Iroquois. He is taken in by an Indian family in the place of a deceased son and receives the name "Blue Bird." The boy has homesickness and difficulties accustoming to the customs of the Indians.

In the middle of the 18th Century, the Ruster family immigrates to the United States. The father, a former farm laborer, leads a hard life as a settler along with his family. One day the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip L (ag) wrote: This is shocking alright... shockingly bad

Samantha R (es) wrote: This is a modern take on those exploitation films from the 70s, and the title says it all really. It's a bit like a film school final project with it's use of colorization and every other trick of the genre, but it weren't half bad if I'm honest. It did move a bit slow, but worth sticking with.

Tommy M (br) wrote: I thought that this movie was pretty good. The acting from the main guy I thought was good and then also from the insane doctor to the other crazy people. I thought that the story was pretty lame and then how they all get let out in the end is dumb but it is a hell of a lot better then most zombie movies in the story line. I thought that the gore was good and also the fight for survival and stuff was also good and how they become zombies. It was just stupid that everyone that was on staff was completely blind to it but other then that the story was pretty good.( and yes I know i controdicted myself but that's because the more i thought about it the bettter it actually was)

Andres B (kr) wrote: Like with Snow Angels, David Gordon Green creates the most intriguing, peculiar characters in his films. And it's from the combo of these characters, the setting, and one device (the coins) that the story develops. There's this gothic feel throughout that seems to fade away near the end, but doesn't quite disappear. I think that's mainly what makes the movie work and linger on in your mind long after seeing it.The score by Philip Glass was great, in a weird way it reminded me of Lord of the Flies (the story), after all it is a story of survival... but definitely a lot more. I'll probably watch it again to get all the small details.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Sounds slightly similar to Heavenly Creatures. And I do love Alicia Witt! Also, what a fantastic plotline. Straight and to-the-point, just like I like it.

TheMumblelover (ag) wrote: Exceptional martial arts movie that's well acted and choreographed.

Corey n (us) wrote: This is a decent comedy. It stars Paul Hogan as a criminal that dies saving someone. So Heaven gives him a chance to prove himself by making him a Angel. This movie has a feel good story. Paul Hogan is great in his role. Plus a good supporting cast. I enjoyed this movie. Well worth a watch.

Gerry K (mx) wrote: It's rare when one can combine Beautiful and Horror, without coming offas ironic. But, it's true. Lady in White is one of my favorite horrorfilms of all time, much less the 80's. It was like Peter Straub's GhostStory and Harper Lee's To Kill A Mocking Bird had come together andgave birth to this little gem. Lady in White is at its heart awonderful coming of age ghost story, about a square peg. It felt likedirector Frank La Logia wrote this film just for nerds like me, becausewe quickly identify with Lukas Haus' protagonist, and are drawn in andfeeling his peril to our core. Many of my personal favorite horrorfilms involve kids at the center, because most of us remember feelingoverwhelmed by the world as kids, and quickly identify with children inperil. There are a handful of kids in peril films on my top list offilms, Cat O' Nine Tails, ET, The Goonies and #1 is Lady In White.

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: Frank Sinatra gives a gritty performnce in the crime thriller The Detective. It is pretty clear that Sinatra wanted The Detective to be as good a movie as he could manage, It provides a clear, unsentimental look at a police investigation, and even the language reflects the way cops and the rest of us talk.

Matthew S (au) wrote: Completely inspired, visually and musically compelling Concert Film which serves to define that genre beautifully. "Stop Making Sense" as a show represents a slow burn of choreographic wonder, and as a film invites the viewer into the musical world of not just the Talking Heads but of the audience who were there when this was filmed. Jordan Cronenweth's (Blade Runner) cinematography is gorgeously atmospheric, capturing David Byrne's clever stage and lighting design like paint on a canvas which develops and metamophosizes as the performance happens. An absolute joy. 4.5 instead of 5 as I felt the Tom Tom Club bit broke the flow somewhat.

Alex B (nl) wrote: This film was promoted as being a romance movie for teenage girls, but it is anything but. A very good character study with Sam Elliott in one of his better roles.

Johann M (de) wrote: This 1962's classic cult film is a psychological thriller about two actresses who are sisters, one is jealous of the other's success and takes revenge by holding her paraplegic sister captive and gets increasingly mental. Starring JOAN CRAWFORD and BETTE DAVIS, perfect cast as they hated each other in real life. A great suspense story, damn ending...!