Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine

Jasmine French used to be on the top of the heap as a New York socialite, but now is returning to her estranged sister in San Francisco utterly ruined. As Jasmine struggles with her haunting memories of a privileged past bearing dark realities she ignored, she tries to recover in her present. Unfortunately, it all proves a losing battle as Jasmine's narcissistic hangups and their consequences begin to overwhelm her. In doing so, her old pretensions and new deceits begin to foul up everyone's lives, especially her own.

The former socialite Jasmine, deeply troubled and in denial, arrives in San Francisco to impose upon her sister, Ginger. She looks a million, but isn';t bringing money, peace, or love... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantel D (ag) wrote: I really like Die! Mannequin. I really disliked this movie. I have not been able to stumble across the first installment, which I still want to see, but this one wasn't great.

Joe H (es) wrote: The French are not funny. What sells this movie is Dujardin's charm and carisma that is the same stuff that is more readily apparent in The Artist.

Philip Z (us) wrote: Like most of my friends and family, I agree with this film's message and I feel it is worthwhile to share it. Unfortunately, that Christian message comes packaged in a laughable amateur hour effort marred by wooden performances, heavy handed musical score, and a preachy screenplay. My friends and family will continue to see past all of the film's flaws and love it because it promotes God worship and faith. These aren't exactly bad reasons to love a film, if you're Christian, but I would have found it even more rewarding to find a film that I could also recommend to my non-Christian friends. This film only succeeds in preaching to the choir.

LaShelle C (us) wrote: i really want to see this!

Brett H (au) wrote: A couple laughs tossed in and one absolutely hilarious treadmill scene, other than that it's nothing fresh.

Mike S (gb) wrote: It's really low key with a drab score, and yet the acting by this great cast is spot on. Yes, even Elizabeth Banks. And Rufus Wainright! AND..also fun to see Jim Parsons pre-Big Bang Theory in one scene!

Brad W (mx) wrote: Great little action/SF/comedy. Mark Dacascos comes to play as he kicks ass, dances and verbally spars with Kadeem Hardison. I guess this got an R for some of the action, but really it just plays like a hyped up Power Rangers episode. Has a touch of Robocop, but don't expect anything more than a nod to the Asian cyborg in part 3.

Lisa J (mx) wrote: I saw this so long ago, but I want to see it again. I barely remember it.

Jayden (jp) wrote: this is a really good movie!

Tania C (mx) wrote: This movie was hilarious!! loved it

Dillinger P (jp) wrote: As far as Hunter S. Thompson's filmatic journeys go, this outing should be one wild roller coaster, however a few factors stop it from being the enjoyable trip out we know is capable of the man. If your not familiar with Thompson then a lot of this wont make sense to you, so go read a book first, however back in the day, Hunter was a "Gonzo Journalist" a man notorious for writing books and articles on how much a farce the american dream was from small time effects of pollictical judgment coming from the unfair treatment of teenagers by the police to much larger scale topics like the super bowl or the presidency campagin. He would always write himself in, however would sometimes go under guises, depending on his mental state. See Hunter liked his booze and alchohol, so much so in this movie it refrences him with a bottle of wild turkey attached to his arm via an iv drip. This should give you a heads up to the kind of man were dealing with here. So Hunter works as a journalist for a local magazine, we follow the journey of him and his attourney Lazlo. Starting off in the courtroom as Lazlo fails miserably at trying to defend a nation of youths for pot smoking. Hunter writes his story and makes him a country wide big time story. The film from this point will follow Hunter throughout his stint at the super bowl, which is hilarioius, and his turn at covering the presidential campaign. Naturally nuttiness and wild drug infused antics ensue. However for all the comic notes that this movie hit right, there is something looming over this movies head, that for the time of its release wouldnt be a problem, however during to the aging process it has taken its toll. That is Johnny Depp and Fear and Loathing... See its not that Bill Murray doesnt play Hunter well, he does, hes got the mannerisms, hes got the chat, he actually understands the character. Much like Peter Boyle pulls off an entertaining version of Lazlo. Its just that the movie glorifies the nuttiness for comedic value where as in the ninties Depp, Del Toro and Gillingham created something way more depraved, hilarious and outright bonkers, while managing to thrive off the source material at hand. It is unfair of this film to be judged in comparesson but Depp is Hunter, where as Murray does him well. Boyle is entertaining as Lazlo, Del Toro is Lazlo. Art doesnt have the confidence to go full psychadelic, Gillingham does. Watching where the buffalo roam, you cant help but feel like this film is living in the shadows of its follow up. Not that it doesnt have a lot to offer, its funny, original, good to look at and has an amazing wealth of characters and music. However knowing its been done better and more within the world youd expect, its hard not to draw comparessons. Definatly give it time of day but this will only gear you up for Fear and Loathing. good Effort.

Ibraheem M (kr) wrote: Not emotional as I thought it would be but also not cheesy as many other romance films; also the music is remarkable, it fits the plot very well.

Kenny N (kr) wrote: I wanted to like this more, truly I did. For one thing, I'm a huge horror fan, and I'm all for the advancement of women in the horror genre on and off screen. I don't want it to be all about final girls and slutty victims. I appreciate a strong female protagonist. And I don't just mean the "virgin who has the final confrontation with the killer." I mean someone who is able to kick ass while retaining their femininity. The best example to date is Sharni Vinson in "You're Next." But that film was written by a man. This one here's a novelty: a horror movie about women written by a woman and DIRECTED by a woman (Karyn Kusama, director of the effective sports drama "Girlfight"). But...two things make this one a one-star failure. (I give it one star solely for the surehanded direction of Kusama during this mess.) First of all...Megan Fox. The girl's hot, yes, but she is NOT the second coming of Bette Davis, in terms of acting ability or the ability to terrify you. I don't want to say she CAN'T act, because I have seen Tom Arnold effectively portray a child molester in "Gardens of the Night," so I believe that any actor deemed "the worst" has the potential to change minds and win hearts. For Megan Fox, this is NOT that project. But a lot of it comes down to the failings of the screenplay of Diablo Cody. Were it not for the starmaking performance of Ellen Page in "Juno," I would completely despise that movie, because it's so full of itself you start to choke. The same problem permeates "Jennifer's Body." Diablo Cody's writing just translates to the screen as transparently phony, not based on actual human emotion and, worst of all, smug. That appears to be her trademark (also basing on episodes of "The United States of Tara.") Which is a darn shame, because I'm all for female screenwriters who get recognized. But everything feels forced with Cody. And she definitely doesn't have the wherewithal to set up and execute a scare properly. So by the time this WAY too long ride screeches to an abrupt and unpleasant halt, you'll feel as though it wasn't worth it. Which to me, it's not. One day we'll have a great horror movie written, directed by, and about women. But it's not this one.

Aaron S (it) wrote: Burt Reynolds at his "highest" point.