Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

Tells the story of young Daniela ‘Blue Jeans’ Anselmi, a free-spirited drifter who makes her way in life by selling sexual favors and practicing petty-crime. After Daniela is arrested, the man who might be her long-lost father is called into her life to look after her.

Daniela ha diciassette anni e batte il marciapiede con il soprannome di "Blue Jeans". Arrestata, dichiara d'essere figlia del dottor Carlo Anselmi, ricco restauratore, separato da anni ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blue Jeans torrent reviews

Sabena A (ca) wrote: I was expecting a lot from this movie as trailer looked nice and cast was good too but unfortunately this movie starts up really slow and by the interval you feel bored, second half is much better but then nothing exciting happens at the end.

Leonard D (kr) wrote: A smart film to say the least!

Amanda K (au) wrote: You know it's gonna be a good one when the first thing you see are boobs... /facepalm.

Kristina S (nl) wrote: One of the funniest movies i have ever seen lol :P

Alexander C (it) wrote: Remember when National Lampoon made Animal House? That was their first, and most successful, movie. But now, their movies all suck hippopotamus @$$, and Gold Diggers is no exception. Animal House has a lot of funny jokes, but this one has none (you know, toilet humor, pop-culture references and such), Animal House has characters that are memorable, even when you watch it only once, while Gold Digger's characters are instantly forgettable even when you watch it several times over and over again. AH's story is compelling, while GD's story is absurd. Please do not see this movie, i cannot comprehend the abysmality of this film. Please, i beg you, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!! (Unless you want to watch it just to review it)

Mhaa R (au) wrote: love that movie very funny

Mariana S (es) wrote: Engraado que sempre ouvi falarem bem desse filme mas achei o argumento fraco. e.

Shayna J (kr) wrote: My uncle was in this ^_^

Jbells16 B (nl) wrote: Your typical Bruce Willis action film. Both Critics and Users got this one right. 3 stars for me. I would have given 3 1/2 stars, but the Eddie Bunker voice was hard to listen to.

Christopher C (nl) wrote: A movie that is funny and entertaining throughout. Watching it, you sincerely hope that the four protagonists will fulfil their task. Through a series of tests and scenarios these four friends prove their love for rock and roll to be true. And of course an amazing soundtrack, but with bands like Kiss, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and other great rock legends, you can't go wrong.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Fair adult comedy with a few humorous moments, but perhaps not enough in the grand scheme of things. It's also very moralistic by its end, which is no surprise.

R T (gb) wrote: Script that goes nowhere. Little to no character development. I kept waiting for the story to develop and go some place, but it never did. Depressing.

Aaron G (gb) wrote: There's a reason this was the template for every action movie that followed for a long time.

DBCuitis (gb) wrote: A great ensemble who aren't assembled for large parts of the film. Nice and likeable threads of story but not woven together much. Interesting vignettes. Villains/antagonists who come and go or are not met at all. Good parts adding up to an okay whole.