Blue Like Jazz

Blue Like Jazz

A young man must find his own way as his Southern Baptist roots don't seem to be acceptable at his new liberal arts college.

The film is based on a famous novel. It is about a nineteen-year-old student who seems to be stuck in his life. One day, he decides to escape his shool to have a journey to Portland to find the answer who he is and what the importance is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent T (mx) wrote: Completely what one would expect from a rom-com. We laughed and enjoyed this. Annable and McPhee had great chemistry, and who knew Katherine could act? (No I've never watched Smash). Who is Taylor Hicks? Wrong person won. And aside from Adam Sandler movies, hardly ever see Rob Sneider who is as zany as ever in this. Would give more stars, but obviously this isn't serious film making. Just a fun escape.

Garrett H (nl) wrote: The worst Pirates of the Caribbean movie. There is no Elizabeth Swann or Will Turner, just Jack Sparrow, Gibbs, and Barbossa. It was pretty boring, until it got interesting in the end. Overall it's an "okay" movie.

Greg B (ca) wrote: When God made Earth, he said, "Oh shit! I forgot to make people question humanity!" So that is where Pocket Ninjas came from. Thank you God!

Shajie K (nl) wrote: 13/07/12 - OnesomeIt's very slow

Logan M (de) wrote: While it's a bit hokey, especially when compared to "Clerks" or "Chasing Amy," its raunchy, yet appealing sense of humor and familiar Kevin Smith charm make the film's slightly contrived moments very easy to look past.

Chris D (ag) wrote: It has some typical 80's cheesiness to it, but Flashdance stands out by dancing its way to stellar dance sequences, a rockin soundtrack, and a main character to root for.

Doug C (au) wrote: Genevive Bujold rocks it..

Hung C (it) wrote: hadn't heard of this movie before but thought I'd watch it because of jamie foxx. I was very surprised at the ability to tell the story from a viewpoint from prison. does well showing the transformation of a gang leader.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Very good intense action film, Very well acted and very well done, Just a little slow at the start and seemed to drop the pace allot, Was hoping for a better ending too.

Username V (ru) wrote: El regreso de James Bond, y vuelve por todo lo alto. Un caso interesante, un diseo de produccin precioso, un Bond glamoroso como debe ser, una chica Bond fuerte, con objetivos, motivaciones, y personalidad propia, y logr mantenerme intrigado a pesar de ser un total analfabeta en lo que a juegos de apuestas se refiere.