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A woman escapes from being raped only to find herself trapped by a sado-masochistic photographer who, among other nasty things, gets off on consuming fresh human excrement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Karl G (es) wrote: Not bad as it goes. Few cold shiver moments, nothing to scary!

Margaret Z (it) wrote: I have trouble following the story line.

Heather M (au) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Carl H (fr) wrote: The Critics hate this movie But I loved it!!!!

TCircled W (br) wrote: A couple of good thing. I'll give you one hint: it concerns the nudity, which is fairly brief. Guys don't get excited. It's fairly silly, and predictable. However, the story moved along that I didn't get bored and could follow it while texting friends

Maha E (mx) wrote: Khaled Abol Naga did very well in this movie, he played a Muslim Egyptian man ... BUT I really didn't like the ending when they referred to the possibility of him being truly a terrorist & leaving some doubt that the American man was right !

Mitch A (gb) wrote: Not entirely unworthy of watching, but it is definitely not a must see.

Alexander P (it) wrote: A funny comedy that will make you laugh out loud and will make you want to play dodgeball.

Jade K (gb) wrote: Another awesome Biblical movie!

Amy A (us) wrote: I can never get sick of this movie! Amazing cast, almost epic story, great performances. OK, so the lipsynching is kind of cheesy, but I don't care! Also? Great commentary track.

David M (fr) wrote: One of the best and most tragically underrated of all fantasy films. Faithful in spirit but not in letter to R. E. Howard's short fiction, it at least captures the bleak brutality, unyeilding warrior ethos, political incorrectness, and philosophical depth of his vision, without a shred of post-modern irony. The sets are amazing, and Basil Poledoris' phenomenal orchestral score is among the best ever written.

John T (ru) wrote: fav chick flick ever

Kevin C (fr) wrote: Sean had 8 years to get out of the Bond set and he already did so with in the last bond movie he did and this one it's not his best but it's an alright movie and better then Robert Redford's Havana!

Bob P (it) wrote: The saw the Puss n' Boots anime that Toei had made in the late 60's and it was stellar.

Ahsan C (kr) wrote: Worst ever movie from ranbir and deepika

Steve G (de) wrote: very solid, as I recall.

Adam R (ru) wrote: I'm not really a fan of Dane Cook, but this was watchable and had its moments. (First viewing - Late 2006 in theaters)

Vince N (au) wrote: You'll be left wanting to alley race like an advantages thrill seeker. #ZoneIt

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