Blue Seduction

Blue Seduction

A middle aged music composer finds himself trapped in the seductive web of a young, sexy vocalist who is looking for her own fifteen seconds of fame...

A middle aged music composer finds himself trapped in the seductive web of a young, sexy vocalist who is looking for her own fifteen seconds of fame. Mikey Taylor, once the very popular ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (gb) wrote: Wasn't really my cup of tea. Interesting idea though.

Marta S (ca) wrote: disturbing masterpiece

Cuong N (us) wrote: A touching & good story! Pham Thi Han, a new film star was born! Pham Thi Han's best performance.

Eber N (gb) wrote: Another painful adaptation of Mark Steven Johnson after the silly "Daredevil" that can not do superhero movies as much as you like comics, next to fucking Joel Schumacher that guy is a disgrace to the world of comics no one should re-employ him or on TV is to kill him, what she has done with Ghost Rider is pathetic with the toady of Nicolas Cage who does nothing but overact and crap script, if even Christopher Nolan knew him best suspense, action, excitement, impact and surprise to modern Batman movies, Johnson with this pain in the ass, really do not know how a sequel has come forward again with Cage that I will not see it, it has been ripped off Let my money back entrance !.

Megs K (us) wrote: i've only seen parts of this, and it was on TV. but it was so fucked up i want to see the whole thing!!

Zack B (es) wrote: Bob Hoskins. Wow. What an incredible performance that drives the film, and not just because the film revolves around it, but because the man genuinely displays a beautifully realistic and dimensional balance between ferocity and compassion. It's one of the best acting performances I've seen, and his character, George, is one of the best ever created for cinema. The film itself I think starts off better than it ends, but, oh well. I still loved it.

Eliabeth G (ca) wrote: I loved this movie growing up!!

Katie M (de) wrote: My hat goes off to Romanek for this masterpiece. It's taken me years to track down a video of this and I recently bought one (thank god for new DVD releases of old films). I think I've watched the movie 8 times since I bought it 2 weeks ago. This is how infallible this movie is. It's brilliantly filmed and is a prime example of casting perfection. Romanek is a true genius, which doesn't shine in his later One Hour Photo...hopefully he will be given the chance to make another chilling and gripping film.

Cameron S (nl) wrote: Famed for the controversy it caused upon its original release, Nagisa Oshima's 'In the Realm of the Senses' was, for a long time, only spoken about in hushed voices, confined to a world of perpetual slicing and dicing by the censors and never truly available in its graphic entirety. It's been thirty-four years and the film has at long last received an unedited pass by the BBFC, allowing audiences to finally be subjected to something like which they have never seen before, and for many, may never want to see again. The film is based on the true story of Sada Abe (played here by Eiko Matsuda), a Japanese woman who acquired fame for killing her lover, Kichizo Ishida (Tatsuya Fuji) via erotic asphyxiation before cutting off his penis and testicles to carry around in her handbag. Undoubtedly the most striking thing in ITROFTS is the graphic, increasingly obscene, real sex that the story centers around. Oshima has no boundaries when it comes to showing his actors entangled amongst one another, and this, for many will seem unnecessary and overly pornographic. For those able to view it objectively however, it will add another dimension of realism to both the narrative and performances that is scarcely found. Despite its graphic nature and unrelentingly brutal sexuality there is also a sense of profound beauty throughout the film, brought upon it by the perfectly composed shots and melancholic traditional Japanese music that plays in the background. A sense of limbo accompanies said beauty and causes viewers to feel as if they are, much like Sada and Kichizo themselves, lost in the realm of the senses, victims of both visions of beauty and pain, yet unable to tell the two apart.Although effective, this sense of limbo is also accountable for some of the film's issues with pacing and plot, which often feels as if it is lost amongst the overriding eroticism Oshima was clearly more focused on. Overall, In the Realm of the Senses is a love it or hate it film, which, even if you do love, is impossible to recommend without looking slightly odd.

Brian C (nl) wrote: A bunch of psychotic children start killing people in a cabin in the mountains. Devil Times Five is great, gripping, filled with interesting characters. The acting is iffy at times, but the kids are really great..truly menacing and frightening.A very enjoyable classic.

Keith C (au) wrote: Had the chance to watch this for the first time. I was interested in seeing one of Bogart's earlier films. Not being a huge fan of his I was interested in seeing him re-create a role on film that he played onstage. The film also has Bette Davis in one of her earlier films too. It's not that great of a story. A lot of dialogue and no real acting going on but it was great to see Bogart in this film.

Bill W (ru) wrote: I saw this film in a small theater. Most of the audience were stoned. This movie has the left wing over the top bad acting that one could expect from a mid budget film of the time. The locations are good and the film has some good things in it, but overall it is about three steps above the student level.

Preston E (fr) wrote: Alien: Resurrection is my least favorite film in the series. It's really the only time I've just said what so many times during a movie. I don't understand how some hate 3, but like this one. Given it's not a large number of people, bit enough to address. Yes Alien 3 has its problems, but this one, this one was hard to accept in the same universe as the others. I mean Weyland-yutani was bought out by Wal-Mart? It just seemed like a parody almost of the series. I really would have preferred that they didn't have Ripley in the movie and had a new protagonist. I did love the ideas it had though. Military finally got the creatures, cloning, and a few other things, but they seemed oddly executed. All in all, it's an odd and, to me, an unsatisfactory addition to an otherwise amazing film series.

Jill C (mx) wrote: Great flick! Put together immensely well. Dustin couldn't walk away from it either.


Stephen J (gb) wrote: Planes is Cars above ground, only not as good. The Cars universe was adorably unique and the characters were clever and quirky. Planes plays on the success of Cars but contributes little to their expanding world except for impressive visuals. Kids love it because it's simple and familiar and Disney loves it because of all the merchandising they are able to do. Adults will yawn and roll their eyes a bit, but ultimately the movie is made for the kids and the merchandising; it's doubly successful. B.

Eric B (us) wrote: A simple story that starts strong with some great characterization that eventually ends on a pretty vague note.