Blue Steel

Blue Steel

A female rookie in the police force engages in a cat and mouse game with a pistol wielding psychopath who becomes obsessed with her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A female rookie in the police force engages in a cat and mouse game with a pistol wielding psychopath who becomes obsessed with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ted N (jp) wrote: Sweden in 1982 - I almost remember it well. This film is a slice of life featuring two Stockholm tomboy misfits who tempt a diffident, classical guitar-playing loner from out of her repressive Christian background, and put her talent - and their energy (which is all they have) - into proving that punk isn't dead. The music is terrible, but that's partly the point. Girls behaving badly with unexpectedly charming results.

Boisram M (br) wrote: Long time I haven't seen such a good movie. I recommend it!

Seraphina R (fr) wrote: Linda Lovelace, played by Amanda Seyfried, tells the story of a woman who meets Chuck Traynor, the man she falls for and ends up marrying - prior to realizing his true colors. She transforms from the good Catholic schoolgirl to a well known centerfold through her relationship with him. He discovers her "talent" for performing fellatio (although initially against it), and launches her into adult stardom by starring in Deep Throat. This film earns millions and it seems she is living a dream. But there is a a hidden side to the glitz and glamor - and it's painfully ugly. Linda Lovelace made zero dollars from a film that made millions - find out why.

Brent A (nl) wrote: Terrific film from start to finish.

Heather J (us) wrote: Disturbing as its based on a truth.

Jayden C (gb) wrote: kool as man dis movie rulzzz

Harry W (it) wrote: Being the feature length debut of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Cannibal! The Musical sounded like a campy cult classic.Released under the Troma Entertainment label, Cannibal! The Musical is not one of the more exploitation pieces from the studio. It still has moments of blood and gore, but they are predominantly in the brief intro scene where they are played for effective black comedy value before the film develops into a lighthearted musical. It still has some random moments spread out sporadically over the film, but Cannibal! The Musical is certainly one of the more lighthearted films from Troma. But keeping with the label, the production values are schlocky. But as a film put together by University students out for a cheap laugh, Cannibal! The Musical maintains many signs of the charm that would later skyrocket the careers of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The shoddy production values and cheap acting area ll a key comic virtue for Cannibal! The Musical because director Trey Parker just sits back and embraces it. He knows his limitations as director and he just runs with them which really reflects his later work. In comparison to the big budget nature of films like BASEketball and Team America: World Police, Cannibal! The Musical is a cheap film which doesn't give Trey Parker or Matt Stone maximum room to breath. It doesn't compare to their finest works, but it is not meant to be judged alongside them because this is their independent low budget feature, and it's an unconventional musical about cannibalism. It's hardly as edgy or satirical as South Park, but it does have a strong use of immature humour and dialogic quips as well as the occasional visual gag. The thing which is entertaining about Cannibal! The Musical is largely just to look back at it and see where the creators of South Park began, as well as to look at how far you can stretch a low budget. Cannibal! The Musical is proud to be a Troma feature. The narrative in it is thin which is to be expected, and the slow pace means that there is a general feeling that there is energy lacking in the film. It is really just an effective step forward for Trey Parker because the low budget nature of the film limits what he can do with it, and yet he finds ways to make the slow story interesting and funny while intentionally schlocky. When I say that, I still enjoyed the stylish nature of Cannibal! The Musical because the scenery and production design was nice for such a low-budget film, and given the correct capabilities it could have felt more legitimate. Even then, there is a sense of historical accuracy in the film which is funny enough. Pretty much everything about Cannibal! The Musical is funny on the surface, and when it comes to the execution of it all things may be rather slow and not always funny, but as an exercise in filmmaking it is admirable.The writing cleverly uses Alferd Packer's horse Leanne as a metaphor for Trey Parker's negative experiences with his promiscuous wife. If viewers are unaware of this before seeing Cannibal! The Musical then the humour just seems to be Trey Parker's odd style, but understanding the allegory makes it all the more funny. The use of Leanne the Horse as an allegory is a brilliant humourous asset and an emotional exploration for Trey Parker himself through a means of comedy which reflects the satirical edge which is iconic of essentially every comedy piece he has done to date. The entire film is just about Trey Parker getting over his promiscuous ex-girlfriend in the form of a musical about a convicted cannibal. On the surface, that sounds hilarious. The knowledge of this allegory really makes Cannibal! The Musical that much greater as a film, but even then it is still a strange comedy which begs for a cult audience. Thanks to Trey Parker's later success, it is safe to say that it has found one.But as well as the script, the humour in Cannibal! The Musical comes from the way that it uses its score as a musical and some visual gags. The latter are spread out, but they are fairly funny when they appear, and the musical nature of the film just makes it all the more iconic. The most memorable song is "Shpadoinkle Day" which stuck with me for weeks after viewing the film. As well as being a fine comedy, Cannibal! The Musical is actively a strong musical. I generally am not a fan of that genre, so that's saying a lot about Cannibal! The Musical.And as well as writing and directing with passion, Trey Parker gives it his all as the lead actor. In the role of Alferd Packer, Trey Parker manages to sing his heart out and deliver the laughs. He puts a lot of effort into the film and does not do any less when it comes to acting. His performance is funny without him having to force it, and even though it is only a half assed effort he really manages to make himself likable and has viewers seeing Alferd Packer in a more sympathetic light during the scenes which demand him to be more dramatic. He makes a strong effort as Alferd Packer.Matt Stone really adds comedic value to the story by portraying a character who seems largely bent on being a stereotypical idiot in so many ways, and Dian Bachar is a good touch because he manages to capture a melodramatic edge to his character while also providing some laughter.So Cannibal! The Musical is slow and not as energetic as you might think considering its low budget and the amateur nature of the production, but it is a film bound for a cult audience as it serves as the spawn of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's long careers in the form of a catchy and funny musical.

Tareq J (nl) wrote: 5 stars for the acting and the direction

Lucy L (de) wrote: Franchement une bonne surprise. On est loin du canibal holocaust annonc mais franchement j'ai ador! Ils sont trs mchants les canibal.