Dr. Seung-hoon sedates his landlord before medical check-up, when the old man begins telling him a convincing murder confession. Sometime later, a young woman's severed head is discovered at a butcher shop run by his landlord's son, and Seung-hoon begins to suspect that the landlord and his son are the serial killers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:2017
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Bluebeard 2017 full movies, Bluebeard torrents movie

Dr. Seung-hoon sedates his landlord before medical check-up| when the old man begins telling him a convincing murder confession. Sometime later| a young woman's
severed head is discovered at a butcher shop run by his landlord's son| and Seung-hoon begins to suspect that the landlord and his son are the serial killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (gb) wrote: Cleaner (Renny Harlin, 2007)The fact that Renny Harlin has made some of the worst movies in recent memory (Exorcist: The Beginning, Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea, and A Nightmare on Elm St. 4 were all Harlin projects) tends to obscure the fact that sometimes he puts out a serviceable, if forgettable, thriller. Cleaner is one of those, and if it's muddled, overly complex, and kind of silly, at least it's not The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. Yes, Harlin was responsible for that, as well.Tom Cutler (Samuel L. Jackson) is a police detective who got out of the life and started a crime-scene cleanup business. Everything is going along just fine. Well, okay, "fine" is not the word. His employees are having problems dealing with the messes they're being asked to clean up, he's a single parent with a rebellious teenager, and his hot secretary hits him with two jobs that need done while he's the only guy in the office: an old woman with forty-five cats who died of natural causes and a run-of-the-mill homicide. He takes the latter. (That the former is never mentioned again is the movie's single biggest failing.) Everything goes as scheduled until the next day, when he realizes he's forgotten to leave the keys, so he goes back to the house to return them... and Ann Norcut (Eva Mendes), the homeowner, knows nothing about a cleaning company being retained to sanitize a crime scene. Cue web of deceit.The biggest draw here is that you've got four actors with proven track records (along with Jackson and Mendes are Ed Harris as Tom's ex-partner and Luis Guzmn as a detective investigating departmental corruption), and all four of them deliver good performances. A number of other solid actors turn up in smaller roles; the Robert Forster cameo is worth the price of admission by itself. Balancing that out is, well, Harlin's direction, which is about as lackluster as it usually is when he's not in stuff-blows-up mode, and Matthew Aldrich's script, which doesn't do quite enough in the way of jacking up the suspense or hiding the predictability. It's got some really nice touches (the movie's opening scene is fantastic; if Aldrich and Harlin had been able to keep up that level of humor/gore mix, they'd have had a hit on their hands), but the longer we go, the more the movie fails at keeping the viewer guessing, despite the actors doing the best they can with the material given.Short answer: Harlin's best movie since Die Hard 2 seventeen years previous... but not as good as Die Hard 2, which wasn't great in the first place. ** 1/2

Jessina V (it) wrote: A movie about self discovery and age being nothing but a number. Cute yet strange....

Dave M (mx) wrote: Cute, very small scale, traditional, romantic comedy. Nothing at all new here but Jeff Garlin makes it worth watching. He made himself the best character in his own movie, while the rest of the cast seems filled with rather unfunny cameos of all his buddies. I laughed more than once but it was really just a great character in the wrong movie. Keep on keepin on Jeff Garlin. You'll find something to suit your loveability. Oh wait, I forgot I can just watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Done and done.

Jesse T (ag) wrote: Even if it is generally amusing from time to time, I Spy has all the same problems the majority of action comedies have.

Angel L (ag) wrote: I can't stand Sarah Jessica Parker.

Mike K (ca) wrote: Have been meaning to see this movie for over 10 years; finally saw it today and liked it, but it wasn't spectacular. Really bad pacing but all the performances were good (especially Roth's). B

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Jordan G (au) wrote: A psychological film noir and a battle of wits between two intelligent con people. David Mamet is also a con man, engaging his audience using the same trickery of plot that the characters use in the film. The main thing I have against this film is really the lack of emphasis on character. I understand that part of the point of this movie is not to know much about the characters but it made me try to guess the plot and I was right most times. This is the difficulty I have with most melodramas.

Cliff M (nl) wrote: A time travelling romantic weepie made more so by the Rachmaninov score.

Patrick C (us) wrote: The more I watch this movie, the more I love it.

Eric S (jp) wrote: Oh my goodness!! Such drama... "Mother. As soon as I can, I'm gonna get dressed, pack my things and leave Peyton Place. I never want to see this town or you again!"

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