Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

The daughter of a penniless marquis teaches her multi-millionaire fiancé a lesson, after learning he has had 7 previous wives.

The daughter of a penniless marquis teaches her multi-millionaire fiancé a lesson, after learning he has had 7 previous wives

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife is a great movie of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 1938. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Claudette Colbert, Gary Cooper, Edward Everett Horton, David Niven, Elizabeth Patterson, Herman Bing, Warren Hymer, Franklin Pangborn, Armand Cortes, Rolfe Sedan, Lawrence Grant, Lionel Pape, Tyler Brooke. The kind of movie are Romance. This movie was rated by 7.4 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Anson H (br)

Oh Disney now you ripping of things that weren't even good to begin with( Madagascar got a lot better over time but I don't like the first one)

Bob F (us)

Very cute and extremely animal welfare-friendly

David S (nl)

It's funny, but just oh so strange. Hughley fans, his is one of the strangest roles that any man or woman could ever dream up. L. And for any D. The violence was very good (especially from the aforementioned Virginia Wolf), but the film tried to be too creative and cute at times, which really detracted from the story. The two young men were often very annoying and the film could have done without them, despite that they were rather large parts (if not the stars) of the movie. The Irishman was great too, at least for the 5 minutes or so that he's in the movie. Assassin Virginia Wolf was absolutely AWESOME and was definitely the star of the show. An okay movie that seems to steal bits and pieces from a bunch of other movies

Don S (ca)

Portman's character is refreshingly real but not very relevant to the mostly pointless story. He smokes, cusses, physically and mentally abuses a child, rampages and blows things up throughout the movie. Hesher, played adroitly by Gordon-Levitt, is a drifter/slacker with very few, if any redeeming qualities. I'm glad that Natalie Portman continues to support indie movies, though I sometimes wish she's be more discerning in her choices

Erika M (kr)

La mejor pelcula espaola que he visto

Jacob D (ru)

My second favourite action movie ever put on screen

Jay B (us)

Has some cheese, but you gotta love Freeman and Rickman

Jim L (ru)

. It reminds a lot of jeremiah johnson but a year or so earlier. Good movie

Keenan S (br)

It can be a bit corny at times, but it's still an immensely enjoyable family film. This is still a heartfelt film since the acting is great, even from the child actors, making this film feel convincing. It's a compelling story about four siblings whose mother has just died and are about to be separated and put into foster homes, but decide to run away to Arizona to find Uncle Jack and perhaps their father, and in the process get in all sorts of trouble (Like stealing cars and gas) and meet new people on their journey. Perhaps my nostalgia is clouding my judgment, but I still love this film from my childhood when I rewatched it recently

Leeda S (mx)

Franco presents an original juxtaposition of the mad scientist's gothic castle in the countryside with the smoky jazz clubs of the city, & in doing so continues the formula he would later refer to as his 'museum period'--a collection of black & white gothics with a distinctive 'sixties tinge. Meanwhile the monster has ties to Melissa from her forgotten past. Conrad uses the monster to prey upon unsuspecting nightclub singers of his choosing for reasons we can only fathom. Little does she know she has entered a time capsule of despair & depravity, where her aunt is a drunken wreck, & her uncle has put his newly-acquired sonic device to use by re-animating a mute, bug-eyed, zombie-like monster. Conrad's niece Melissa travels to his remote castle to receive her inheritance with a smitten Spaniard in tow. Conrad Fisherman, a disciple who improves upon a prior weird Orloff-ian experiment. Orloff's Monster actually pertains to Dr. The second entry in loose Orloff (or sometimes Orlof) series by Spanish Z-movie king Jess Franco, Dr