An unusually nasty butler takes over the possessions of his degenerate master by means of witchcraft.

An unusually nasty butler takes over the possessions of his degenerate master by means of witchcraft. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blueblood torrent reviews

DC F (au) wrote: Eh, this is okay if you have absolutely nothing else to do. It's the same old Western revenge flick with under-done acting and a cast who doesn't make the movie feel as though it was set in the Old West save for the semi-decent sets. The murder of our heroine's family and her rape are a little hard to watch and I felt as though the revenge plot fell weak. This would've been better as a torture/revenge, like say the original Last House On The Left or I Spit On Your Grave with a 1880s Western style, but this cheaply done wanna-be loses in the long run.

Amanda C (es) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie.

Todd B (us) wrote: This is a porn that has no pokey and no money shots so that they can offer it on Netflix. It's pretty funny but I don't think it's supposed to be funny in the way that it is.

natalie e (us) wrote: i love hilary duff im a big fan

Aodhan R (mx) wrote: A superb Christmas movie:Matthew Broderick and Danny Devito are the two fathers who are on the verge of giving their families the best Christmas they could possibly have. Broderick is Steve Finch: an optician and resident to a small town, whom is pledged with the joy of the festive season of Christmas and has organised a lot for his family for the countdown to Christmas with many different activities planned in his own personal Christmas calendar. Broderick is brilliant and actually knows how to pull of a catchy performance as this insanely jolly-driven dad. Devito is superb as Buddy Hall, who has a set of genius ideas for the festive season as he develops a miraculous and successful idea of giving his folks and the local residents the best Christmas cheer they could ever have imagined. A lot of tension is brought upon the two as Buddy cleverly outsmarts Steve by arousing more attention and excitement amongst the locals and it eventually comes down to Steve to do whatever it takes to overcome his mismatched competitor, even if he has to plot the impossible task illegally. It's a joyous and 'laugh out loud' holiday movie for the whole family to cherish!

Roman R (kr) wrote: "Tristram Shady: A Cock and Bull Story" es una cinta muy audaz ya que se siente como la pelicula que es, su detras de camaras y el propio analisis de su origen literario, todo impulsado por la brillante quimica de Steve Coogan y Rob Brydon (a quienes vimos juntos en la gran serie de "The Trip"). Debo confesar mi ignorancia del libro de "Tristram Shandy" pero se que es una obra densa, la cual nadie cree que pueda ser adaptada al cine (y que al parecer nadie en el set ha leido tampoco). La cinta tiene ese aspecto "meta" al estilo de Charlie Kaufman y cuenta con un gran reparto de actores britanicos. "Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story" es una obra inteligente y muy divertida.

Jason S (kr) wrote: funny movie owen wilson was kindof average thoughout the movie

Sebastian I (ru) wrote: Good. Eric idle is hilarious though.

Erastes A (au) wrote: An appalling take on Beauty and the Beast. The Beast - Pettyfer isn't all that beastly and the beauty isn't exactly Belle. There's no reason given why Pettyfer's character wants to snuggle up with Beauty other than a vaguely Twiglet style stalking section (because one thing we learned from Twiglet was Stalking=Twu Lurve, eh, girls?) and how he managed to woo her once he had her incarcerated in his huge house is beyond me. Muddly (even with a classic to copy) and rather pointless, it was only Pettyfer's original face that kept me watching, but I would avoid next time.

Dave L (gb) wrote: ive watched this just now big OMG do not waist your time at all, I fell asleep, and the graphics are horrible, I mean they must have been on a 300 pound budget for this movie, I watch loads of films and this goes in my top ten movies not to watch, this movie sucks big time do not waist your time at all, why can they not create a normal budget film based on sharks, original jaws was dam good, this is horrible ,horrible acting, horrible graphics, i could have made a better film using adobe , do not make any more mega sharks ,

Andrew K (au) wrote: Actually a half-decent film.