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Bluegrass torrent reviews

Greg W (es) wrote: Vulgarity and violence against women in lame action flick.

Jacob A (ru) wrote: Very emotionally powerful

Richard A (au) wrote: Sick, original and offbeat indie horror/gore gem had me enthralled in it throughout. Take a group of young persons who all obviously have serious problems mentally and emotionally, base it around christmas time, throw in cult film psycho veteran Bill Moseley in a tiny but effective role and it all sets up for a twisted storyline. Lets not forget Tom Towles as a heavily armed redneck milita man who has much a passion for guns as he does chili. Lean and mean indie film had me hooked, a lot of it had to do with all of the offbeat characters, its definitely a character driven film and while not flawlessly acted I think it had a particular grittiness I enjoyed and that kept me interested. One of the better indie horror films, Bill Moseley is an underrated actor, this guy can play a psycho without a script and with his eyes closed. Mention must also be given to the band Zombi for the ambient music which was superb.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Gno M (mx) wrote: Chuck Norris doesn??t make bad films, he just scares all the good away.

Doctor S (gb) wrote: One of the more popular WIP titles and lives up to the reputation. Babyfaced Exorcist star Linda Blair bares her pendulous papayas in prison, is accosted by lezzie inmate Sybil Danning, John Vernon hams it up as the degenerate, corrupt warden, while the gorgeous Monique Gabrielle trades her sugar for smack. What more could you want in a 1983 exploitation flick?

Danny R (fr) wrote: A twelve year old kid goes to the carnival and eyes a strange make a wish vending machine where he commands to be BIG. The next morning he wakes up as thirty something Tom Hanks and he becomes a toy whiz because he's really a kid you know and only kids know what kind of toys are any good. He soon meets a fellow coworker and they fall in love but he soon goes back to being a kid again because adult life sucks. This switching place's/body movies have been popular lately and this one may stand out as a better film than its peers, it still isn't that great of a comedy.

bill s (mx) wrote: Hurt's brilliant and Julia matches punch for punch.

Joey T (us) wrote: When I saw this I was like ''This is close to Khan''91%