Blues Harp

Blues Harp

Ambitious yakuza Kenji befriends harmonica-playing bartender Chuji, who moonlights as a part-time drug-dealer for the opposing gang. Their friendship is threatened by Kenji's plans for advancement, as well as by his bodyguards growing jealousy of Chuji.

Ambitious yakuza Kenji befriends harmonica-playing bartender Chuji, who moonlights as a part-time drug-dealer for the opposing gang. Their friendship is threatened by Kenji's plans for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed M (ag) wrote: Not as good as its predecessor, but it still keeps you entertained the whole time as well as scared.

Nkechi O (es) wrote: Enjoyed the movie but not the "chemistry" they were attempting to have. Very awkward.

Mike B (nl) wrote: Could have been great, but gets muddled and lost. Once again, it would have been better without the unnecessary drug use.

Emily B (ag) wrote: My love life if someone loved me.

Jordan C (it) wrote: this was a great movie, interestoin funny and sad with a prosperous ending that ill admit made me cry its a great movie

Kel B (mx) wrote: This was awful. And it had some my favorite actors in it! Don't waste your money!

Jordan J (fr) wrote: No. No.This does not exist. It should never exist. Moving on.

Jessica F (ru) wrote: Watched this movie ALL the time... love it still today!

Ryan K (es) wrote: A classic underdog sports movie. A little cliched, but it's funny as hell and has a lot of heart. My all-time favourite sports movie.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Rock star takes in illegitimate son after his mother dies, with expected strains. This film could have used a hit single. Mick Jagger gets credit for the story but results are more Richard Marx than Rolling Stones.

Private U (ag) wrote: encapsulates the heroism and bravery of the often overlooked women who aided the war effort... paulette goddard does wonderfully in this film :]

Paul M (us) wrote: One of Hitch's worst.

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Paul C (kr) wrote: Disappointing sequel (of sorts) to 'Support Your Local Sheriff' with far fewer laughs and little in the way of memorable scenes.