Bluff Master

Bluff Master

Ashok (played by Shammi Kapoor), is on a lookout for a job. But that does not stop him from putting on airs and bluffing, pretending that he is from a rich family. As luck would have it, he get a job of a photographer for a fictitious tabloid - Bhukump, only to lose it, because he had the misfortune to click the photograph of the owner's daughter Seema (played by Saira Banu) slapping an eve teaser. Never one to give up, he somehow meets her and convinces her of his good intentions. When she falls in love with him, Ashok tries to give up bluffing. But it is too late. No one believes him.

Bombay-based Ashok is a fast-talking conman who will do anything for a buck, cheat, steal, and even sell a laundry receipt as a lottery ticket. He has, however, written to his village-based... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy E (es) wrote: couldn't make it past the first 20 minutes :-(

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