Two vicious cops go after a group of junkies. It doesn't end well for them.

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Blutgeil torrent reviews

Twins S (fr) wrote: Another solid movie from Korean exhilarating Action thriller set in a gritty Cold War Berlin. Better than anything in the genre Hollywood of the past last 10 years. Very very exciting

Yusuf S (fr) wrote: The film was just terribly directed- the action, the songs and the effects were exaggerated and stupid. Although, it did have a good script with fiery lines. Ajay Devgan and Prakash Raj really acted their roles with excellence- they definitely made the most out of this film. I strongly felt that it did have a powerful storyline but if only it was directed by someone else other than Rohit Shetty. There could've been more songs (the songs that they had in the film weren't really impressive except for "Saathiya"). Also, what really put me off about this film is that it copied the motif of Dabangg in some way.

Brad S (mx) wrote: I really liked this one, it's much better than the reviews let on. First of all, I always like a good hooror-comedy, but this is well done for the genre. From Stephen Sommers who directed the "Mummy" series, this one has style and is funny, scary, moving and entertaining. Anton Yelchin was talented for sure, and he shines in this film. If you like the genre, then ignore the critics and check it out!

Keegan K (au) wrote: So this is definitely more of a serious movie and whether you like it or not depends on your view of Nicolas Cage. I happened to love the cinematography, the really creative opening sequence with the credits, the secret gun trade that Nicolas Cage had going on, and how he really was the Lord of War. So for those reasons, this was a very good movie. But outside of that, it's just a very serious movie. Not too many laughs. It's also a bunch of lies and he finally gets caught in the end. But I have to say, the twist at the end was very sick! It's not a movie you would watch over and over but if you want to see someone dominate the gun trade, this is it.

Suse B (ca) wrote: Truly heartwarming. Great actors.

Sylvia G (fr) wrote: Quite fancy-like with a very predictable plot, but it's refreshening to watch meg ryan in such a men-dominated world instead of a sugary comedy.

Giuseppe P (de) wrote: Un cinema antispettacolare che logora lo spettatore quasi quanto i protagonisti nella cornice di un paesaggio fotografato in maniera sublime. Qualcuno lo ha definito con troppa enfasi un "western dell'anima", ma del western manca totalmente il ritmo, semmai si tratta di un road movie dell'anima, uno dei film pi lenti del decennio e per questo difficile da sostenere per lo spettatore medio. E' il primo capitolo della "trilogia della morte" di Van Sant cui sono seguiti Last Days e il magnifico Elephant. Oltre al tema della morte, con le due opere successive Gerry condivide la lentezza, l'antispettacolarit e i dialoghi in presa diretta. Infine, il tema a Gus pi caro: la ricchezza e il tormento della giovent.

Joe H (us) wrote: This film can get a bit tedious...but don't let that deter you -- watch it in parts, if you have to. This is unlike any nature documentary you've ever seen... without special effects this film will change the way you look at the world, as you spend the hour and twenty minutes watching the freakish alien species that reside among the blades of grass in your lawn.

Henry M (ag) wrote: Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were remarkable in this film. They use their roles so purposefully and deliberately and the end result leaves little room for debate on how good this movie really is.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Following his producing success creating a series of classic 80s action films that include "48 hrs," "Lethal Weapon," and "Predator," Joel Silver produced an action film starring Carl Weather as Jericho "Action" Jackson. This film seems much smaller compared to Silver's other films, such as "Die Hard," which was released the same year as Jackson, but it's still kind of a fun 80s time capsule to unlock. Craig T. Nelson is the kung-fu fighting bad guy and Prince's ex-girlfriend Vanity is along for the ride, getting to sing a few times, and you also have Sharon Stone before she hit it big, along with Thomas F. "Biff" Wilson. You also get some iconic 80s character actors Al Leong (the Asian guy who tortures Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon," has the cleavers in "Big Trouble in Little China" and eats a candy bar in "Die Hard") and Ed O'Ross (the guy without the mole on his forehead who always played evil Russians). You also get to see 80s familiar faces Bill Duke as an archetypal shouting police captain, and Robert Davi as a tweaker. There's even an excellent 80s style music score by Herbie Hancock and Michael Kamen, with sharp action cinematography by Matthew F. Leonetti. However, the key missing elements are a witty script, which really makes you appreciate what Shane Black and Steven E. de Souza brought to their films, and a star who brings self deprecating charm or humor to the film. Arnold was not all that self deprecating in his action films, but he did almost always bring humor. Weathers is a big dude with some charisma, but he lacked the humor and charm of the best action stars. I suppose Stallone managed to get by on Rambo being a humorless characters, but he wasn't so successful in films like "Cobra." If you're in an cheesy 80s action flick sort of mod, it's worth watching, but it's far from being a n 80s classic.

Frances H (au) wrote: One of my all-time favorites, as is Peter Sellers-his acting here is superb.

Dana H (gb) wrote: I loved this film. It's so funny and quirky.

Cesar G (us) wrote: A nice laugh that benefits from Aubrey Plaza's great performance. Maybe not for everyone, but for the rest is a nice and funny ride.