Bo ming chan dao duo ming qiang

Bo ming chan dao duo ming qiang

The titular 'Odd Couple' are Sammo (King of Sabres) and Lau Kar Wing (King of Spears). They compete regularly against each other but every encounter results in a draw! Both decide to ...

The film begins with a classic Shaw Brothers exposition of the eighteen weapons of kung fu. This seminal opening sequence was virtually replicated four years later with Lau Kar Leung's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phi N (mx) wrote: Story was pretty retarded. The chinese are always trying to come up with crazy new stories bc a typical one, although good, is played out. I only gave this movie a good rating because the fighting was good and creative. Made for a fun watch if you like (fake) martial arts action

Pranav K (de) wrote: The first half is gripping, but the second loses it. The special effects in this movie are absolutely pathetic. I ignored them a bit in the beginning, but they get worse and worse and worse. This first in the series was a sleek thriller with great performances. This, however, was a slipshod with average performances. Songs were good, however. Some parts of the plot are so unbelievable, that it just leaves the audience laughing.

Stephen M (fr) wrote: For being an independent film with a budget around the cost of a new car, this is a film with a lot of potential. The cinematography is artful and the actors are relatable. The story gets slow at times, and it occasionally struggles over whether it wants to be a love story or a study of society, but Medicine For Melancholy remains a well-made film with a lot of heart and not a lot of money.

Brandon T (ca) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen.

Katrien V (au) wrote: goeie vlaamse film over het leven

Maribel M (ca) wrote: A little slow and sad ending but what was good about this movie was that it was more realistic than other Bollywood films.

Peter K (au) wrote: Felt like Craven piled too much on and the amount of "think for yourself" left at the end caused me to be frustrated with this movie. Was an honor to meet Craven at my school today though.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: After the success of working together on 24 Hour Party People (2002), director Michael Winterbottom and star Steve Coogan reunited to take on Lawrence Sterne's seemingly unfilmable 18th Century metaphysical satire The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. Through the eyes of Winterbottom, it's turned into a very funny satire on filmmaking, with an all star cast on board. Steve Coogan plays "himself", who is making a film version of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. Where he plays Tristram Shandy and Shandy's father Walter Shandy, while Rob Brydon plays Shandy's Uncle, Captain Toby Shandy. The film within this film is about Shandy trying to write his autobiography, but failing to get past his birth. Meanwhile, Coogan and Brydon spar on set, especially when Brydon claims to be of equal importance to Coogan in the film, and after seeing an early cut of the film, Coogan suggests whether it would be better if they brought in Gillian Anderson to play the Widow Wadman. It's a very unconventional film in the way it's made, but it owes a massive debt to films like 8 1/2 (1963) and Stardust Memories (1980), with the hardships of making films and how it can take over the artists' life. As for Coogan and Brydon, this was a dry run for The Trip (2010), which they would make with Winterbottom. 4/5

Ben B (kr) wrote: Thoughtful, smart, touching, poignant, beautiful, funny, existential, tragic, complex, hopeful, raw, insightful, romantic, realistic, and flawless. Gorgeously shot and boasting one of the best scripts of the 90s that examines both the mysterious, instantaneous simplicity of attraction and the deep, multifaceted philosophical aspects of human nature, love, and the meaning of life. Before Sunrise masterfully portrays human connection as both a fleeting, superficial escape and the ultimate purpose of one's existence, all while forcing us to recall our past and ponder our future regarding those whom we've loved and seek to love.

AJ T (nl) wrote: Turturro does a pretty mean Groucho, but the keystone failing of this movie is its decent into that horrible PG-'edge' humor that every American comedy since 1990 seems to require by law. Basically descends into a Marx Brothers movie if it were artistically directed by the chariacture guy at the county fair.

Colin F (it) wrote: Decent Sequel, Dudley Moore is funny, its let down by an over sentimental ending. Still not as bad as a film people make out it is.

Kenneth B (ca) wrote: Although Romero was more at home within the zombie sub-genre this vampire flick proved to be a welcome departure.

Juuso L (au) wrote: Splendid old school horror tale, with top notch cast.

Connor H (fr) wrote: Good story, awful acting.

Becs D (nl) wrote: An easy watching case, with a likeable performance from Nick Nolte. Not a memorable film though

Dave R (jp) wrote: a man down on his luck gets sucked into LA's underworld because he needs the money to save his home. denzel is quite good but you really have to pay attention to people's names in this film or else you'll be lost. although it has the look of, and is set in, the same time period as "chinatown" (1974) the theme is quite different. "chinatown" explored the difference between appearance and reality; here explore the segregation of 1940s america. don cheadle is really good in his supporting role.