Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds

Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds

In his award-winning debut feature film, director Ahmet Ulucay portrays the innocence of childhood and the lure of the cinema for two teens in a small Turkish village. Working for a watermelon seller by day, Remet spends his evenings trying to rebuild a film projector with his friend Mehmet. Both have big dreams to be famous film directors one day.

This is a movie about amateur spirit made with an amateur spirit. It is the story of two adolescents who live in a small village, work in temporary summer jobs in a small town near their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny R (mx) wrote: despite the bad reviews i really really enjoyed this film . with losing a child. this was a hard film to watch but never the less a good watch if you like will smith this is one to see

Steve W (gb) wrote: A demoted news anchor faces off against a terrorist bomber in this intense one location thriller. Shades of Phone Booth and Blown Away are present here, as the terrorist demands an apology for an accident involving construction workers many years ago. At a very tight pace, the movie delivers white knuckle thrills but gets a little incredulous and sloppy in the final act. Its not without merit, as it manages to do a lot with very little.

Michael W (it) wrote: A very good film from Gervais and Merchant.

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Ryan T (nl) wrote: Definitely better than Exorcist the Beginning. The ending is far better, but the CGI far worse.

David D (mx) wrote: Empire of the Wolves is a strange and visually stunning mystery thriller. The convoluted and mysterious story builds along two different lines that merge only in the last half of the film. The ending is slightly disappointing in that it seems rather ordinary and simplistic in contrast to the rest of the film. The acting is consistently excellent. The action scenes are terrific. The scenery in several urban and rural locales is beautifully used as are a number of settings that might be brilliantly designed sets or great choices of real places. It all goes together to make up a fantasy/mystery/thriller that is a little short of being a classic thriller in the mode of Crimson Rivers.

Terror A (gb) wrote: A solid Aussie drama that has great perforamnces by David Wenham, Frances O'Connor and Sarah Wynter but I didn't feel that it exlore the thremes that it was trying to tell us enough. Good but not great.

Liam M (au) wrote: What a disgrace to all of Nickelodeon

Frdric I (mx) wrote: Du grand Kusturica comme on l'aime avec une histoire sale et mchante de trafic d'enfants, de vol, et de meurtre, rythme par la musique tzigane. Et toujours aussi cratif sur le plan visuel. Excellent. A voir absolument.

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Allan C (nl) wrote: Okay Hammer Horror picture about the evil Baron Frankenstein, Peter Cushing, trying to resurrect the dead again. This time he's putting the brain of his brilliant doctor friend into a dead man's body. Things do go not as planned. Like most Hammer pictures of the time, there is lots of blood and heaving bosoms. This film does have one unfortunate rape scene included that was added to the film in post production over the objections of the director and actors by the producers who felt the film needed more sex. It's an unpleasant scene and then is never brought up again in the film, so it absolutely makes to sense. Freddie Jones also appears in the film. There is also a fine score by James Bernard, but overall, this is a weaker Hammer Horror picture. I read several reviews saying how this was the best in the Hammer Frankenstein films, but now that I think about it, I I much preferred some of the prior films over this one. Watch the gonzo "Frankenstein's Army" for a much cooler reboot of the old Mary Shelly story.

John C (ca) wrote: Although a but dated today, this is still very clever and funny. Richard Benjamin gets the best and biggest laughs.

Anthony K (br) wrote: How is it that Malevolence was so horrible and Bereavement was so good? I don't know, but this movie was awesomely brutal- and as good as a genre film like this really gets these days.Edit: Alexandra Daddario is SMOKIN hot.