Bob Marley: Spiritual Journey

Bob Marley: Spiritual Journey

Bob Marley was the first artist to take reggae music to the masses outside his native Jamaica. He also became a symbol of spiritual peace and human compassion to people around the globe and is widely regarded as one of the true philosophers of both reggae and the Rastafarian faith. Bob Marley: Spiritual Journey is a documentary that explores Marley as both a musician and a spiritual thinker and, through interviews and newsreel footage, attempts to measure his impact on the world. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Lubna B (us) wrote: Amazing story with amazing performance .. really touched my heart <3

Evan H (br) wrote: Simply not at all funny.

Pascal V (au) wrote: Not as good as Infernal Affairs, but still a great pleasure to follow this long and quite complicated murder mystery...

Steve R (es) wrote: Positives - covers all of Maya Deren's work, some great original music and best of all, contains audio segments from the mysterious lady herself as well as some very rare footage. Negatives - doesn't 'flow' as it should and comes across as fragmented, seems to dwell more on the woman rather than the work and spends a considerable amount of time on Deren's involvement in Voodoo. Also on the back it is explicitly stated that this documentary explains the concept of the 'avant garde' film which it does not and it thus was a very stupid comment to make, let alone include on the DVD cover. However, it most definately is worth watching for anyone interested in surrealist and abstract films or fans of Deren or even just the curious. Hearing the philosophies of Deren from her own mouth is the really wonderful highlight and it is here one may be able to appreciate Deren's contribution to cinema.

Derek M (fr) wrote: Nice nice nice, see the black experiences of america through the black private eyeI am always drawn to the accents, use of words and expressions in relation to poems, plays, novels, misc, painting... In a film

Kale H (ag) wrote: Soooo cheesy....but I didn't hate it. Some good laugh out loud moments, most probably not intended by the cast and crew.

Jenna I (us) wrote: This is the type of movie that's held up strictly on the merits of Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Without them, there's really not much here. I can't say I laughed at anything in this film, I don't think it's aged well- especially if you're under 65 and not a white male. That said, it could have been a lot worse, it manages to keep fairly conservative over all. The shots of the submarines are neat and I like that it was based on a handful of true stories.

Danny D (ag) wrote: Incredibly unsatisfying, both cinematically and story-wise, after the visual splendor part one. Maybe a part three would have redeemed it, but there's something so right about the ending of part II considering it's a parable for the Stalinist Soviet Union--a national story that was incomplete at the time the film was made.

John S (fr) wrote: Sinatra is pure magic here. His powerful charisma, suave, and slick debonair flair exudes off of him, making his character one of the most lovable characters I've ever seen. Even when he's doing questionable actions, you can't help but smile and fall in love with him because Sinatra's charm is so palpable. The story is great and the rest of the cast are too, as are the musical numbers which are particularly fantastic , but the ending sort of ruins the entire experience. The story just falls apart, and I was thoroughly disappointed with how it ended. I suppose you can argue of what should have happened depending on your thoughts of the events that transpired, but I was just unsatisfied. I would have loved to give this film a 100 but the ending hindered me from doing so. Despite this, the film is still incredibly enjoyable. If you see this film for any reason, see it for Frank Sinatra's spectacular performance.

Brandon T (fr) wrote: Time to take a stand!!

Angela L (us) wrote: A movie I own on videotape but have also seen numerous times on TV, this movie is romantic, sad and really shows the chemistry between Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.

Joe H (de) wrote: Could have had a better ending

Mike W (de) wrote: Joe is one tough man and father!