Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw

A young country-star wannabe takes off from her carhop career to join with a young, modern Billy the Kid wannabe for an adventure in theft, murder and mayhem.

A young country-star wannabe takes off from her carhop career to join with a young, modern Billy the Kid wannabe for an adventure in theft, murder and mayhem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seven H (ru) wrote: The thing that makes Like Crazy stand out in this category is that it is not a "fake," sappy, generic romance film. The ending could have been less ambiguous, but it is supposed to be like that to not seem "rigged" and "clichd." It is among the more realistic romance film in a long time. The chemistry was so above average that it actually makes one give a quack on these fictional characters and their issues. Like Crazy accurately show what you have to give up for a long distance relationship. Even when tensions rise with you lover.I will say that it is hard to hear at times. They whisper so much you have to struggle to hear. But it shows it is realistic enough to not talk so loudly to someone sitting right next to you.

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Monty H (de) wrote: Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives a strong performance as a small town girl trying to make it at the top dance school in Chicago. When she doesn't get accepted, she has to earn a living by being a dancer in a risque nightclub. Her brother tries to bring her back home to run the family business, but she doesn't want that life anymore. I actually liked this movie, it will probably remind you of countless other movies about young women trying to make it in the big city but Winstead gives a great acting performance and handles her dance scenes like a pro. Check it out.

Ekene O (nl) wrote: Grade: A-. Very good. Although it's a comedy and is expected to make people laugh. I wasn't expecting laughter with a cast like this one. I was not expecting anything great actually. But you'll be suprised because this film is a movie you would buy on DVD/Blu-ray due to its family friendly nature that everyone will enjoy and want to rewatch.

Anthony F (au) wrote: Got bored one night and came across this on HBO. Meh. The techno music in the background didn't make that train scene any more high-octane. Really, every action scene here was so watered-down and blah.

Ronnetta C (ru) wrote: This was an okay movie to pass time. Had me fussing and cussing at the TV.

Dann M (au) wrote: "And sometimes you do Reindeer Games." Affleck may be the bomb in Phantoms, but he totally bombs in Reindeer Games. With a solid cast that includes Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise, Charlize Theron, and Danny Trejo, one would think that this film couldn't go wrong; but somehow they found a way. The script is replete with problems, giving the actors nothing to work with. However, if you can get past the script issues and the weak acting, there's a fairly interesting heist story with some good twists and surprises. While Reindeer Games is complete garbage, it's also entertaining on a number of levels.

Ellen F (es) wrote: About time to download my favorite feel good movie of all time. Watching Amy and her dad fly the birds south is a trip that will lift your spirit.

Bobby L (it) wrote: Michael Palin has some brilliant comedic timing. Terry Gilliam has some crazy awesome visuals. Combine the two, and you get a fun, but flawed time. The film tries to do too many things, and not all the jokes work, but that just shows the film's earnestness that much more, making the film very lovable.

Ar M (gb) wrote: Se pega unos madrazos Jackie Chan en esta...

Matthew D (de) wrote: Clear taking inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey; from the majestic space-ship ballet at the beginning to the mounting tension and outright weirdness of the second half. It doesn't impress visually as much as Kubrick's masterpiece from a decade earlier, nor is it as technically accomplished, with some clunkiness in parts of the dialogue and acting. However, it is one of the most atmospheric and tense stories of the franchise and despite sharing so much DNA with another film it is arguably more Star Trek than any other production. Within the first few minutes it fleshes out the lone ship of the original TV series into a full blown universe and while the returning characters are the heart and soul of the picture, the new characters serve as good contrasts to Kirk and Spock. The bristling rivalry between the old-guard and new-blood of Kirk and Decker is great and while Ilia seems to serve only as a MacGuffin she actually serves greater purpose in showing what would happen if Spock's development went the other way. The Vulcan's arc of the conflict between logic and emotion is continued and completed from the TV series and is the true highlight of the film. Well, that and McCoy's BeeGee get-up.

Mario D G (it) wrote: The Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever.