A businessman, stuck in the credit crunch, falls in love with a businesswoman who is in turn stuck in the credit crunch.

A light comedy about a businessman in bad need for funds as banks seize his assets and foreclose his ventures, the things he does to get money owned from one of his friends widow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gwen H (br) wrote: A great little film about a young girl in Paris, who goes through some big changes. Her parents give up their mostly bourgeois lifestyle for that of activists. The father pursues a life of making changes in Chile and other countries (Allende) while the mother pursues women's rights in France. The ensuing turmoil this causes the little girl is intense and it's intriguing to see her awakening to things around her and the world. very well done.

Daniel R (jp) wrote: White trash hillbilly tells a radio host stories about his adventures of traveling cross country in search of his parents, who abandoned him as a child. Spade proves he's. better sidekick than a lead star in this one joke comedy.

Matt H (gb) wrote: Can only barely recommend this, the "psychiatry" in this is a joke, Fred and Ginger really don't dance much together, and the plot is pretty pitiful. Ginger displays more of her great comedic talent, however, and she's wonderful, like usual. Enjoyed her sedated spree of carnage. Astaire is sadly just kind of "there" in this, he's not bad or anything, but the script really doesn't give him any opportunities to shine.

David J (it) wrote: Bridge of Spies was a great movie, but it wasn't because Tom Hanks delivered a reliably good performance, or Mark Rylance was a pragmatic supporting actor, or director Spielberg contributed his technical expertise. It was because the film did not pander and stick to an over-the-top patriotic tone, and instead ignored the sap to give audiences an experience that strived to have an unbiased and realistic tone. Although the straightforward story was surprising, the film still did a good job keeping me interested.