A film which marks the 50th anniversary of England's victory in the 1966 World Cup, and uncovers the truth behind the man who led them to it... Bo66y is a powerful, dramatic and deeply personal portrait of a genuine footballing icon. Moore fought many battles besides those witnessed by millions on the football field. Behind the glory lies the story of a man who faced highs and lows with the same strength and bravery. But he died young, cruelly shunned by the game and by the very people who owed him so much. The story is told by his two wives, his friends and fans, including Pele, Sir Geoff Hurst Harry Redknapp, Ray Davies, Ray Winstone and Russell Brand, and more than 30 others, whose words are mixed with as yet unseen archive footage.

A film which marks the 50th anniversary of England's victory in the 1966 World Cup, and uncovers the truth behind the man who led them to it, England's greatest footballing hero Bobby Moore. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilianetty l (mx) wrote: What I like of this script is the story (it has some cliches but doesn't end as a typical movie from the USA, and that's more like it). The acting is amazing (even if the script has some flaws I admit). James McAvoy always giving a stunning performance, same Mark Strong. Oh, and if you watch THE WALKING DEAD, you may recognize someone in this film from it. Enjoy. - August 1st, 2014 review.

Jim T (ag) wrote: JGL really pins this movie together and a truly original idea.

Todd S (au) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][size=4][color=#000000]I gotta call ?em like I see ?em. This was a pretty weak attempt at the basic alien invasion movie. The aliens hiding out as humans gave the film an ok bit of paranoia to it for a while. But then we see the aliens in their true form and I just laughed. They are insects that have NO OPPOSABLE THUMBS at all. In fact they don?t even have digits or hands of any type. Yet somehow when they are in human guise they have no trouble working guns, digging equipment, pens, or anything else. This invasion plot gives us nothing at all that hasn?t been seen before and it does give us aliens that have an extreme improbability of hiding inside human forms.[/color][/size][/font][font='Times New Roman'][color=#000000][size=4] The effects would be not bad if this were made for TV. Since it was a DVD film release I expected a bit more. The music is also a pretty average offering that really doesn?t add much to the action or emotions of the movie. The actors don?t rise up to any great level. They do ok with speaking their lines and pretending to be shocked or afraid or angry or ?insert emotion here? at the right times. There are a great many better alien invasion films available. Go for one of them, don?t bother with this one.[/size][/color][/font]

Kym c my community profile R (gb) wrote: (aussie indy movie) not sure how to rate this but I?ll at least give you the plot? short form? New experiences help a young girl learn the differences between sex and love I guess you could call it a ?dreamers? movie but not sure how I would define that. ?heidi? I would call somewhat a dreamer or at least creative keeping a journal of sorts by ripping pictures etc out of mags, & gluing them in there plus writing whatever next to it. Meets Joe (sam Worthinton at a bar) but typical guy doesn?t know what he wants (do I like her or not blah blah) and although it?s a ?foreign? movie at least you won?t need subtitles! An Artsy movie as well with some of the scenes etc. mostly ?drab? colors of beiges greens etc w/ some red every so often.. C

Paul D (ca) wrote: With both climbers narrating you know how it ends from the start of course. Yet this still manages to take you on the most dramatic of journey's, drawing you in to all of Jo and Simon's highs and lows.

Blair K (au) wrote: i remember first seeing this movie in theaters and immediately liked it. great and touching plot and so well written. memorable characters and one of joaquin's best. it might technically be john travolta's movie but joaquin is the standout. he is who you focus on and remember long after the movie is over :)

Kate K (kr) wrote: Adam Sandler makes some gawd awful movies but this takes the biscuit. I cant even begin to say how stupid this movie was but its stupidity rooted me to the couch.

Andruw F (ru) wrote: One of the biggest cons is that it feels really long. I think I can say why I don't like this one as much. It felt like a detour, the fellowship wasn't together either which helped that feeling. Everyone but Frodo and Sam's storyline were annoying because they had nothing to do with the fellowship or the ring, and there were even new characters introduced for it that were fine, but I didn't like that they were just there for the plot. There were several fight scenes which were cool and had great action, but not what I wanted. I also didn't love how they used a certain character this time around. It also feels very different, in tone, and in other ways I don't know how to describe. Overall this isn't really "bad" it's just something that should have come out after the ring story was told, like a sequel, not something that should have happened while we're in the middle of telling a story. I'm not thinking this rating will change, and unless Return of the King is worse this is my least favorite. (I've never seen Game of Thrones, but I feel like it's probably something like this. Royal is a description I'd use for this. I think that's one of the different feelings I couldn't describe from above.)

Stefano C (mx) wrote: Veramente bello! Patrick Yau combina azione, commedia e dramma in solo 87 minuti, riuscendo a trattare in modo valido tutti e tre i generi. Il finale pu piacere oppure no, a mio avviso eccellente... Consigliato anche a chi non ama il cinema orientale :)

Dustin J (fr) wrote: This is our journey for Mankind. Wow is first thing i have to say about this film. Very remarkable and a rare experience. You cant get more authentic than the actual thing. This documentary should be implemented and every schooling system's agenda. The mark for mankind leaving earth to explore the moon for the very first time. This film also offers rare clear moon shoots, and i cant explain how i was so involved when they actually landed. I was also stunned on the transfer and on the powerful DTS-MA soundtrack. Bottom line this is a treat non the less and should be Owned by anyone that considers themselves human. MUST OWN 5/5

Marti T (au) wrote: um... one of the BEST movies ever made? HECK YES. *cough ionlywatchedthisforjohhnydepp'sbarearse cough*

Caleb M (kr) wrote: More than just a bit "cheeky" this Australian/Japanese co-production manages to hook you with a cute story instead of relying solely on sexual antics.

Mike K (it) wrote: Hilarious. Who would of thought this is where we'd be 40 years later? Just kidding, but the movie is great. B+

Skyler B (it) wrote: I've seen it. That is to say, I saw it.

Lewis W (fr) wrote: cop land is one of the best crime movies of all-time, it had a interstellar cast from the likes of sylvester stallone as freddy heflin a small town sheriff who helps superboy played by michael rapaport escape harvey keitel's character. every actor in this film is fantastic. i would have liked to have seen more of robert de niro's character and that would have pushed his performance ratings to a four star. this is a film i could watch over and over again and still not get performances:sylvester stallone (5) ray liotta (5)harvey keitel (5)michael rapaport (4.5)robert patrick (4.5)peter berg (4)annabelle sciorra (4)robert de niro (3.5)janeane garofalo (3.5)noah emmerich (3)

Brandon W (br) wrote: I am totally the wrong demographic for this film. This film is made for 30 year old single women who love sappy romance. This film does elevate itself from the average romance films. Great cast, surprisingly impressive cinematography, and well done production design. But sad to say, this film just wasn't for me. If the 'writing love letters from a world war II battleground to his loved one back home' story interests you, then this is for you.