Bobby Deerfield

Bobby Deerfield

Bobby Deerfield, a famous American race car driver on the European circuit, falls in love with the enigmatic Lillian Morelli, who is terminally ill.

Bobby Deerfield, a famous American race car driver on the European circuit, falls in love with the enigmatic Lillian Morelli, who is terminally ill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William C (ag) wrote: Ek Tha Tiger is an Indian action spy film starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in the two main roles. It's marketed on the posters and images of the movie as if it's some kind of full throttle action movie but in truth although containing some fighting and shootouts, it's mostly a weird kind of Rom-Com movie. Of course Bollywood rarely lacks romance and this is the same, it does try to thrill and the ending does add a little boost to the story but it's the beginning that truly drags this down and stops it from being near okay. The choreography is nicely done when it is shown and the dancing and singing is lacking in true style but is still pretty nicely taken care of. The main problem is with the story itself and the over dramatic or just plain stupid scenes that really make this not worthwhile. Listen Salman Khan isn't half bad in this but he never truly gets into the role, the action scenes he more than takes care of and he excels mostly at the end, I just don't think he is overly great here in serious dialogue. Katrina Kaif is well cast as Zoya, a lady who reveals her back story the more the story goes on but really she is no different here to a lot of similar leading ladies roles seen elsewhere in Bollywood and fails to make an impact. The cast is kind of well used but never truly that great, it is better when the film focuses more on Salman Khan's character Tiger as the rest of the cast feel a little pointless and the goons placed around the movie are pretty dispensable.Kabir Khan the director and co-writer had never really made an action movie before doing this so it can't be expected for him to get it spot on; he does however keep it at least fast paced although it can be a little implausible at times. The story is a little stupid in truth and the beginning is not handled well in the script but also in the direction and even in the background music, it can feel as if this is two films split into two and then wrongly put together. The choreography of the dancing as mentioned can be nice but can also be too random, I have always felt that in Bollywood movies the singing and dancing has to be positioned just right for it to work within the plot, this I feel does not time it all right.So really overall a pretty lame movie but one that can the slightest bit enjoyed if you ignore the silly parts of it. It also has some really nice locations and it isn't filmed that badly, hey even the effects used aren't used overly that much and you don't notice them too much so it's not annoying in that way. Salman Khan can probably take some positives from this as maybe can Kaif but truly this could have been done better, but to be fair I just think the whole story just never worked.

Greg W (gb) wrote: This entertaining if overlong Bollywood thriller is more than a little reminiscent of The Untouchables.

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Mark A (us) wrote: Incredible, powerful, and extremely sad, one only hopes that the strength that Meg (Agnes Bruckner) finds at the end is enough to carry her through. My heart broke for her. A child of divorced parents who don't get along, Meg is ignored by her father and taken for granted by her mother. Meanwhile, her sister is losing touch with reality and the mother is oblivious to the warning signs until it is too late. All of this makes Meg easily susceptible to the attentions of her AP English teacher (David Strathairn), whose intentions may have been honorable at first, but who ultimately takes advantage of her vulnerability and betrays her trust. All of this however inspires her to a new honesty in her art and forces her to take stock of her life and hopefully begin again. Ms Bruckner gave her character just enough Lolita to make the May-December thing believable. Her need to be taken seriously and for acceptance blinded her to the dishonesty of others and made her susceptible to numerous betrayals. Don't believe the marketing hype. This is no teen sexploitation film. It is a tender, well done, coming of age film about a young poet finding her voice through layers upon layers of tragedy.

Nicholas L (nl) wrote: Signs is pure suspense that restrains itself from blockbuster action and uses slight of hand to draw you in.

King L (de) wrote: Interesting movie that gives a glimpse of what life was like in Maoist China. Li Gong plays the wife of a family that lives through the Communist revolution in 1949 to the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

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