Adapted from his autobiography, the film recounts the story of Hiroito, The King of Boca do Lixo (a region in downtown São Paulo of the fifties where various nightclubs, strip joints, prostitution, bars, and drugs can be found). Hiroito was a well born bohemian and at the age of 21 was accused for the murder of his father, who was violently stabbed over 40 times with a razor. Hiroito was not charged, however two months after the death of his father, Hiroito bought two guns and moved to Boca do Lixo and became one of the most dangerous criminals of the region.

Adapted from his autobiography, the film recounts the story of Hiroito, The King of Boca do Lixo (a region in downtown São Paulo of the fifties where various nightclubs, strip joints, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (mx) wrote: Awful, barely watchable.

WS W (gb) wrote: Very soapy in plot lines. Quite a decent drama tho.

Ian G (kr) wrote: A very rare and revealing documentary regarding Cuba's leader being conducted by probably one of the most engagingly antagonistic directors of his time Oliver Stone. Very well done and stimulating and was one of my highlights from a very strong year at Sundance 2003.

Jordan J (br) wrote: This is one of the most touching and emotional movie I have ever seen. I loved Radio and I definitely recommend this movie. This movie gets an A.

Justin B (nl) wrote: There's an interesting concept here but it's under-utilized. It's pretty dull but still better than a lot of the other Scream ripoffs.

Eric C (ag) wrote: I have no idea why it took me so long to discover this little gem of a movie. Pretty much every scene from beggining to end has its own whimsical charm. I appreciate how it starts out already disguised as a buddy cop drama, then turns into a relationship comedy, then turns into a melodrama-tragedy. I appreciate how each character are subtly introduced and don't have to be explicitly explained. They come and go just by happenstance, but once they are together, you can't help but care for them. That said, the filmmakers may have have bit off more than it could chew. about 2/3 into the movie, I felt that it kinda 'jumped the shark', if it had sustained its tempo and story arch from the beginning without succumbing to its melodramatic end... it would have made for a better movie. That said, I appreciate its experimental quality and rather refreshing character driven stuff.

James U (jp) wrote: Despite the fact that the movie suffers from a bit of the outdated computer talk and the special effects are a bit overdone for simple scenes this movie actually does get entertaining. Crowe as the psychopath computer killer and then Denzel as the obsessed guilt ridden cop works very well. The action scenes, sometimes a bit slow, do eventually become immersive. Not the best movie but not the worst.

Lini H (nl) wrote: not bad..with a nice wee twist at the end:)

Movie K (it) wrote: Quite alright comedy. A royal family has a history of zany heir and always suffer accidental death at young age. Barbara Hershey is an American who marry into the family and one day out partying forgot to take the baby. Only the blanket and rattle are missing. Forward to many years later, Eric Idle is an adopted child in an Indian family (but he has no idea he's not Indian) and work in stock trade. He is to entertain Rick Moranis who is from USA. Then the CEO of the company died in an accident and Rick is the new boss, because he is the heir of the royal family. Eric continue to be his best friend. Barbara is a lusty woman who go after every men and likes Eric. Catherine Zeta-Jones is Rick girlfriend and warn Eric about Barbara. When Eric took home a royal spoon, his mother reveal he is adopted and show him the rattle and blanket. Eric find lawyer John Cleese to see if he can get back his rightful throne but its not that easy. Catherine has a one night stand with him and next morning she tell him she is marrying Rick for the good life. Eric decide to get back what is his and plot to kill Rick. But every effort always fails, even trying to kill before he marry but he is lucky enough to be alive. He found out the cook is Rick real mother and she use her own baby to get into the good life. Catherine tell Eric she is pregnant with his child and he stop trying to kill Rick. But the cook and nanny are killed. John want to work with Eric to get back the throne but Eric is not interested. When the baby alarm sounded, Rick and Catherine overheard Barbara talking to Eric about the rattle and know he is her child. Rick drive his car out to unwind and its temper by John. Eric go after to save him but its too late. John return at night wanting to kill them all so he can be legal guardian of the child and live the royal good life. Rick return and he wasn't dead at all. Barbara throw a statue onto John head and he escape. Catherine say the baby is Rick and he lied to Eric to stop him from killing. Everyone is happy together and open a tour group to visit the palace. Eric write the story into a book and marry his PA.

Erika S (ca) wrote: The story is the problem with this movie. It's well acted, for the most part. Mortensen, especially does a great turn as Ringwald's "husband". The rest of the acting is very good also. Unfortunately, none of the other actors really get anything good to say.The story is not very believable and way too melodramatic. Also, I felt like I would rather see a movie about the parts of these folk's lives that THIS movie skipped instead of this movie.Worth seeing once if you are a fan of Ringwald, McCarthy or Mortensen.

Greg W (jp) wrote: good WWII pic post WWII

Byron B (us) wrote: won recognition as a best foreign film by NBR

Lloyd A (us) wrote: Shailene Woodley tries to pul this movie to the next level but it never quotes gets above average despite her performance. The potential is there and enough to keep you interested but enough awkward moments to keep it down.