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Boda accidentada

Kitty, niece of a Marchioness, is betrothed to Don Candido, a wealthy manufacturer of preserves

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Don Candido back the same day fixed for the wedding. Nico and Kitty end up falling in love. Just before the wedding, Don Candido leaves claimed by its industrial businesses, and instructs his friend to take care of his bride. The girl, wounded in his pride, it is interested to Nico. Nico falls in love with Kitty, but, unlike the other men who court her, treats her with indifference. Nico, an old friend of Candide who is completely ruined, arrives to the fashion hotel in which both are. Kitty, niece of a Marchioness, is betrothed to Don Candido, a wealthy manufacturer of preserves

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Users reviews

Anthea H (it)

The characters are well-played and interesting, more being said in the silences than in the dialogue. A truly moving, stimulating story with allegorical meanings related to modern day Russia

Anthony P (gb)

Still not a terrible film I will give it two and a half stars. Not a film for everyone a lot of different events factor in this film. Very Very strange film, a man so wrapped up in his world of fame and partying eventually escapes his grasp of fiction and falls into a jail cell

Callum B (mx)

it's ok I like the monsters

Hugh G (fr)

A romantic comedy that makes you think. I almost cried. Suzie Porter, Hot guys, music from Rogers and hammerstien, It has all the hallmarks of a classic

Irene M (br)

eally great cast (before they were known), clever script, its worth watching!. one of those movies I have heard about for years but never seen, thinking I already had

Jennifer M (kr)

I love Julie Andrews but she couldn't save this one, and her Cockney accent was surprisingly bad. The little girl who plays Eloise got on my nerves so bad

Jonathan C (br)

only because it is one of the worst movies made this year

Keith T (ca)

This still stands out as Jack's worst movie

Larissa N (au)

didn't recognize them at first. . . a pretty good military drama w/ a very young cruise and penn

Mark M (nl)

hat the people involved in this should have done was take a can of that Vapoorize and spray all of the scripts!. I actually had hopes for this movie because I saw who was involved in it: two of the best comedic actors of this generation Jack Black and Ben Stiller, Acedamy Award winning director [i]Rain Man[/i], and the overall god Christopher Walken. There was no reason for this movie to exist unless the writers wanted to be in the [i]Guiness Book of World Records [/i]for the longest running poo joke in cinema history. Who knew that a movie about poo would be such crap?! The movie I am talking about, of course, is [i]Envy,[/i] movie that tries so hard to be a Coen Brothers movie that it takes potential hilarious situations and ruins them all