Bodacious Boots

Bodacious Boots


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:shoe,   texas,   cowboy,  

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Bodacious Boots torrent reviews

MF J (nl) wrote: An indy flick with a good story, some great actors and a beautiful cinematography. The story goes a little off the road towards the end but most of the film manages to stay entertaining and avoid the usual clichs. It's an interesting film that deserves a good watch.

Alexi T (es) wrote: powerful Bollywood drama

Daniel D (ru) wrote: After my last viewing of this, I have a higher opinion of it. Brosnan does a fantastic performance as 007 here, Elliot Carver is one of my fave Bond Villains, and Wei Lin one of my fave Bond Girls.Yeah, Teri Hatcher is a bit wooden as Paris, but she really doesn't bother me that much and she isn't in the movie for too long anyway.Love the action sequences here, for me among the best in the series.

Adrian D (au) wrote: This is one of Australia's worst movies. Jonathan Schaech is unconvincing as the lead. He fails to give a sympathetic portrayal of Ted, the movie's anti-hero. This failure makes it difficult to support the main character. Most of the supporting cast over-acted, especially Rod Taylor and Susie Porter. Rod Taylor tries to hard as Daddy-O, Woop Woop's self-appointed dictator. His character shows no signs of being intimidating. Susie Porter really goes overboard as the promiscuous Angie. Porter acts like a nerd trying too hard not to be. Michael Thomas and Stephan Elliott have written a pretty lame screenplay. None of the "humour" hits the bullseye, let alone the target. The lack of laughs means that vileness of the movie is unredeemable. Director Stephan Elliott did some okay work with the Australian outback but other than that he has done terribly. The movie's pace is so slow that makes the movie's unpleasantness even more intolerable. Please avoid this piece of trash, even on cheap Tuesdays.

Jayden C (jp) wrote: really goodmust see

Samantha S (it) wrote: Ann Magnuson is irresistible and John Malkovich was adorable. Sweet 80s nonsense.

Nicholas E (de) wrote: Thirty years after having been somewhat traumatised by this movie, watching it again, whilst I was not quite so shocked by it, it still packs a nasty punch. David Lynch is most definitely one of the great directors and here, he is at his best.

LaMatra B (de) wrote: very good karishma film..but srk might as well have not been there as his character makes a 10 minute appearance at most

Lee Anne W (ag) wrote: This first caught my eye when the Criterion DVD came out, with a cover illustration by Seth, my favorite comic artist. It was directed by Leo McCarey, who also made some of the best movies of the 1930s (Duck Soup, The Awful Truth, and Love Affair--which he later remade as An Affair to Remember). Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi (Ma Bailey in "It's a Wonderful LIfe") play an old couple who lose the family home when he loses his job. Their bratty children (including Thomas Mitchell, aka Uncle Billy from IAWL) selfishly refuse to sacrifice their lifestyles to take in their parents as a couple, as they get shunted off alone and apart. What makes this such a great movie is that, at first, the movie makes sure that they're no angels, either. Lucy is a meddling, "don't mind me; I'll just sit in my rocking chair while you host your bridge party" intrusion, while Pa is a helpless failure, that you almost sympathize with their shitty children. Then, before Pa gets shipped off to California and Lucy is being bullied into a home for elderly ladies, the couple spends one last day together, and you fall in love with them. It's a heartbreaker. What a sweet, charming movie.

Cheryl A (au) wrote: Terrible, just awful!