Bödeln och skökan

Bödeln och skökan

In the early eighteenth century a blacksmith is innocently condemned to death for stealing silver. When the local executioner in anger kills a woman, the blacksmith gets a chance to escape the death penalty - by stepping in as executioner.

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Jarred B (mx) wrote: I started watching it thinking a serious drama like outbreak....and immediately the rom-com antics and the insanely adorable kid made me think I made a mistake and accidentally started watching a kdrama. Then the film got serious and had many twists and turns. I ended up really enjoying it. Some of the side story characters popped in and out leaving me wondering what their point was, but I was fully invested enough in the main characters that I let it slide as just ways to paint the general sentiment of the average person. Kudos for:- patient zero being Filipino - not having an American-style love story with the obligatory sex scene (yes my fellow Americans, when we meet someone we are interested in, it doesn't mean we immediately jump in bed with them)

Daniel B (nl) wrote: When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. You can lose in cinema too if you don't put on a good performance. OOH AH CANTONA British filmmaking at its best 100%

Paul S (br) wrote: wasn't anything like I expected it to be which this time turns out to be a bad thing there was only like 10 minutes of the movie that was good and it wasn't even the ending the only reason I applauded at the end was because I was so grateful it was over

Lisa J (de) wrote: A little slow moving, but the end was interesting.

Ma Theresa A (us) wrote: Yes, i think it is an exciting movie of related life

Lata G (de) wrote: I love Pierce Brosnan hence I watched this film. But then became really engaged in this storyline of an Englishman who chooses to lead the life of an American Indian in the wilderness. This is based on a true story of Archie Belaney who was really a man ahead of his time, who was an activist trying to save the beaver and preserve the wild life from man's destructive behavior. He does deceive the world with fabricated Indian origins but in the end he shows that when you strip away all of our outer layers we are all the same with common problems and the common responsibility to preserve this beautiful world we have been gifted. The female lead was very weak in the film and though beautiful I cringed when she came on screen....

Iy N (br) wrote: not the most memorable almodovar film, but still great

Felicia H (nl) wrote: This movie was funny and good. This is a must see for people who like romance but funny movies.

SA H (jp) wrote: Oh boy. This one is tough. People have so many separate lives. Bad things impact good people without them ever knowing sometimes. Great movie, awesome cast!

Justin M (au) wrote: If you don't think a movie that has lesbians, religious fanatics, bank heists, and Barbara Stanwyck is awesome, you are a retard.

Tero H (nl) wrote: The funniest moments of this short movie happen mainly between Laurel & Hardy, their physical humor, such as hitting their heads together and so on. Otherwise the film has a bit simplistic story, and there are not enough twists in it. The storytelling is a bit slow. On the other hand, the characters are funny and some ideas and scenes are fun, such as Laurel's dance and Hardy's song Lady Moon, going to the dentist, and basically all the physical jokes. I think Stanley Laurel especially saves a great deal of the movie from the weak storyline. Fun comedy, though, as usual.

Zach M (kr) wrote: This was a really fun film to watch. It also had a really good soundtrack. Lori Petty was perfect as Tank Girl. And Ice-T as a Kangaroo guy was pretty sweet.Near perfect comic book movie and you can see the fun the cast was having in the final product.Early role for Naomi Watts.

Randy W (nl) wrote: Lacks a fundamental understanding of the characters and the audience