Body and Soul

Body and Soul

Charley Davis, against the wishes of his mother, becomes a boxer. As he becomes more successful the fighter becomes surrounded by shady characters, including an unethical promoter named Roberts, who tempt the man with a number of vices. Charley finds himself faced with increasingly difficult choices.

Charley Davis wins an amateur boxing match and is taken on by promoter Quinn. Charley's mother doesn't want him to fight, but when Charley's father is accidentally killed, Charley sets up a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiffany A (mx) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite movies!

Dan F (us) wrote: Good movie. Thought he went to far!

Jamie C (kr) wrote: A very good fun entertaining action film that doesn't waste much time in getting to the action, Liam does well in playing the hero, A very simple plot, A good way to spend an hour and a half.

Armando P (kr) wrote: Low cost action movie enjoyable as hell. Banderas has nothing to do with Gallardo.

Charlie M (kr) wrote: A stunning visual poem on the unique beauty of Woody's home Manhattan, the introduction of his first post-Oscar comedy is a loving tribute. The entire film is shot in black & white with an abundance of gorgeous photography throughout. Allen plays another New York writer who gets involved with a complicated woman, this time it's after she ends her affair with his best friend. The plot is standard, but this is still a top 10 classic in the Woody cannon.Allen & Keaton both do an excellent job, as do Meryl Streep & Mariel Hemingway (who earned an Oscar nod), but all that is distracted by the one major flaw of this otherwise great film. Playing a 42 year old writer dating a 17 year old girl. At the time I'm sure it was odd at the time, but with all the rumors & allegations we have now about his private life, it's kind of unsettling to watch. He calls it out immediately at the beginning of the movie to normalize it but I doubt most people will ever be comfortable with his May/December choice. Of course, he leaves her for a woman that challenges him intellectually but Freud could have a field day with this. I find the ending to be completely false and unrewarding. Considering that this is Allen's least favorite of his own work I'm sure he agrees. This was my favorite Allen movie in college with it's lush city imagery set to the tunes of Gershwin. Absolutely worth watching if you can get past the the ickiness.

Conor M (jp) wrote: One of the best exploitation movies I've ever seen. So messed up, but funny at the same time. Great ending. Can't give much else away, but it's worth your time if you can find it.

(us) wrote: There's really no level in which Limelight is a comedy. It's a sad, moving drama about a former comedy star whose best days are behind him and a young woman whom he rescues from suicidal melancholy.It takes a bit of a leap of faith to accept the premises of this movie. (Psychosomatic paralysis? Really?) It's almost harder to accept Charlie Chaplin as a bust-out comic. This, a man universally hailed as the greatest comic of his age, a music hall hack? But Chaplin faithfully creates a series of stage acts for his Calvero with silly songs and tepidly humorous shtick to fill out the image of a man whom the Art of Comedy has passed by.There is a bit of irony behind Calvero not believing that this girl he nursed back from despondency is in love with him due to the age gap, when Chaplin himself was nine years into a marriage with a woman 35 years his junior. When Thereza professes her love - especially a well-earned love, after all he had done for her - you want to shake him by the shoulders to accept it. "The proper response to love is to accept it. There is nothing to do." So take it, idiot! After months of building up her faith in herself, he works overtime to divert his own reward of happiness and love to others, as if it were a prize only to be enjoyed by the young. Ageism is not a new phenomenon. There are a number of dynamics in this movie that haven't aged particularly well, it's still a beautiful and fascinating movie.

Armando P (it) wrote: Best Spielberg movie.

Petros T (es) wrote: "For Your Eyes Only", directed by newcomer John Glen, is one of the finest films in the Bond franchise. The '80s spirit has started to creep in through the music score, but apart from that it's business as usual, only way more exciting. The action is simply grandiose, and never slows down. There are lots of wondefully breathtaking highlights, resulting in one of the most thrillingly tense entries in the saga.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: The Pirates! Band of Misfits is directed by Peter Lord, and it stars Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, and David Tennant in an Aardman Studio film about a Pirate Captain and his crew not getting the respect from the public, and they think that winning the Pirate of the Year award will help gain the respect. I'm always excited for a stop-motion films because you don't get to see them often in theaters. There's only Aardman Studios and Laika, but they take their time to finish a film, which is like a few years. So with this film, I can say that The Pirates! Band of Misfits is a lot of fun to watch. The voice actors really for their roles pretty good, and even if there's not much that you can do with high animation in terms of the setting, the animation still looks really good that I had no idea that some of the effects were CG. The characters are memorable, the villain is menacing enough that you just really want to see this character go down, and the action scenes are really well done, which I can imagine is difficult and time consuming to do with stop-motion. The humor is really funny, and I have not quite seen something like this in a pirate film that's quite inventively odd. The Pirates! Band of Misfits is a fantastic film that Aardman Studios has done it again.