Body Bags

Body Bags

Three tales are told, each one increasingly terrifying. The first tells the story of a woman being stalked by an axe-weilding maniac. The second is the story of a man who pays the ultimate price for a beautiful head of hair. The final tale shows what it is like to see life through the eyes of a killer.

A coroner tells us about three different shocking stories relating to his current work on cadavers in "body bags". These unconnected stories are "The Gas Station", "Hair" and "Eye". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael D (fr) wrote: Too much of Jim Gordon's backstory, Not enough of Batman's. Not recommended.

kashae d (es) wrote: this is my favourite movie

Hamad S (de) wrote: Good, heart-warming story. Though it is a comedy, the attack against positivist research in the social sciences (especially anthropology) cannot be overlooked, but it does seem like beating a dead horse.

Will C (kr) wrote: ANYTHING with Jennifer Love Hewitt cant be bad....this movie was no exception.

Jessica F (nl) wrote: You can't judge a book by its cover. This was a surprisingly charming, funny movie, with very catchy songs. Definitely made for fans of 1997's 'Anastasia', to which this is a spiritual sequel.

Maan V (ca) wrote: a very close adaptation of the book. *sigh*

JJune N (jp) wrote: man i really enjoyed this it had good laughs

Laura C (fr) wrote: Atreyu lost his sincerity, but oh well.

Allan C (it) wrote: Charles Bronson's pacifist architect Paul Kersey has transformed from a man in a moral quandary seeking justice versus his aversion to violence has now evolved into John Rambo. In this film he helps an old friend clean up his neighborhood that's been overrun by a very silly 1980s looking of gang. Making this film look even sillier, the story is set in NYC but was filmed in England, making the proceedings seem even goofier. Still, it's hard not to enjoy watching Charlie Bronson lay siege to a bunch of no-good punks. The film was written by Don Jacoby (as Michael Edmonds), who has some decent genre credits to his name, having written "Blue Thunder," "Arachnophobia" and the remake of "Invaders from Mars." The film was also directed by Michael Winner, who behind-the-scene apparently filmed a lot of graphic violence when Bronson was off-set, over Bronson's objections to this film being more exploitative. The film boasts a decent cast that includes Ed Lauter, Martin Balsam, Alex Winter, and future Trekker Marina Sitris. Overall, this is your typical 80s Golan/Globus Canon Pictures trash that is equal parts ridiculous and entertaining of action flick.

Ruslan C (mx) wrote: First time I see kind aliens in the movie

John A (it) wrote: This is a thriller not a western

Bill C (it) wrote: After introducing us to Keith Carradine and Shelley Duvall in McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Robert Altman casts both in leading roles in this atmospheric thirties crime-spree southern period piece. Altman's revolutionary technical vision partially rescues this very average contribution to a suddenly stylish "outlaw couples-chic" ( hipster-hick meets waif-enabler ) genre.

Adrian C (kr) wrote: Who has ever heard of this film. Probably only a couple considering I think that most B & W films are classic in this day makes you forgive all the things that are wrong with them. The film is slow for the most part until the final 15 minutes is some of the most suspenseful I have ever seen on film. Truly one of my favorite films. Unknown cast and the beast is just crazy costume design that is great. One of my all time favorites.

Jude P (nl) wrote: The Director says so many things thanks to immense help of Keitels' dramatic portrait.

Jowaad A (mx) wrote: Hilarious, dumb, underrated...

Ben G (de) wrote: One of my childhood movies and it was a great way to get hulk onto the big screen.

Ben C (jp) wrote: A near perfect movie. Cast is impeccable. Humorous throughout while maintaining an extremely dark and foreboding feel.

Aaron R (ru) wrote: John Woo is an awful director he ruins movies