Body Parts

Body Parts

A psycho videotapes his dismemberment of strippers.

A psycho videotapes his dismemberment of strippers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gimly M (mx) wrote: Being honest, I didn't see the ending (which is pretty solid) coming until about five seconds before it got there.Also being honest, this is not Adam Wingard's best work. In fact of what I personally've seen from him, it's actually his worst. A Horrible Way to Die's problems are many, the absolute worst of which is the camerawork. It is spasmodic nature is aggravating to the point of being painful. Blegh.

Kenny O (ca) wrote: I enjoy this good little film - funny sad and good ending!

Russ B (nl) wrote: 4/22/2012: Worst one of the series.

Ly K (es) wrote: gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Sean D (it) wrote: This movie sucks and I can't believe there is a sequel. Oh wait I can, because anyone will try to make a franchise. Besides a really pointless drawn out story, you have an irrelevant beginning that doesn't really prepare you for the events to occur 45 minutes later, the beginning also doesn't really introduce you to the characters very well. Just a decent amount of torture and escaping and getting caught with no police investigation or evidence. Then you have situations with the camera where it appears to be night then day, the lighting is all fucked up whether it is natural or not. Based on real life events, you are making a film based on a retelling of one character still alive because if the other two are dead, it's all made up and the way the events played out, it was just really bad and boring.

Princess A (es) wrote: This film was incredible. I've been waiting for it for twelve years for me to watch this.

Helio A (ag) wrote: Lo fascinante es el final. Me agrado la historia

Will W (ru) wrote: you learn how the death row was no joke

Dawn L (us) wrote: Ehhh...Kinda Slow...I Fell Asleep Watching It...OK Movie All In All

Jesse M (au) wrote: Shanghai Noon sees a clash of a Genji and a Mccree main. These two make a powerful combo and Ana nano boosts Genji for a nanosword while Mccree looks at his watch and gets a team wipe, all in time to get the shiny golden gun and gambler skin.

Sayang D (nl) wrote: My 1st Shahrukh Khan movie.. Been a fan since den.. ;)

Smilla V (nl) wrote: mah...c' un'unica scena per cui vale TOTALMENTE la pena...

Jason C (kr) wrote: Bob Fosse scratches away once more at the veneer of showbiz.Roberts is great, as is Hemmingway. The more I see of his films the more I like them. He's uncompromising and he has pace and style.

Jason (mx) wrote: They call this a horror movie?? AMC was having an all-day marathon today of old horror classics. Among the ones I watched was "Tarantula," "The Deadly Mantis," "Frogs," and "Tentacles." Without a doubt, "Tentacles" was the worst one of the bunch, and it was the only one that I watched that day that I didn't like. "Tentacles" is about an octopus that scares people in a seaside community. It's pretty much a ripoff of "Jaws," and a TERRIBLE one at that! Even though it has a cast that consists of two or three credible people such as John Huston, none of the cast did that great of an acting job in this film. Also, since this movie was made in 1977, you would expect it to have pretty good special effects, but again, it's a disappointment. As for the movie itself, about the only redeeming quality I noticed the entire movie was the musical score, which wasn't bad. You don't get to see a whole lot of the enemy, the octopus, in "Tentacles," but when you do, it's always underwhelming. The octopus looks like an octopus, but the movie just isn't scary, exciting, or suspenseful at all.

Mrchewbacca e (nl) wrote: Otra vez, como Mexico no hay dos!

Tim H (mx) wrote: Sure, it's a little ridiculous. But sometimes I need a little ridiculous in my life.

Sarah W (ru) wrote: Great Movie, Ginger Rogers & David Niven are wonderful!

Russell G (us) wrote: It's politically incorrect in every possible way an old movie can be. IT's also an incredible entertainment with some top notch Busby Berkley set pieces.

Marina N (ag) wrote: An interesting story that catches you interest in the beginning but slowly turns into disappointment. It lacks intensity and thrill to really captivate and get attention. Nevertheless, an avergae thriller that makes avergae TV entertainment.