Body Shot

Body Shot

Paparazzi photographer Mickey Dane is obsessed with elusive pop singer Chelsea, and his attempts to capture her on film often land him in trouble.

Paparazzi photographer Mickey Dane is obsessed with elusive pop singer Chelsea, and his attempts to capture her on film often land him in trouble. He jumps at the chance to photograph a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irene I (us) wrote: Scumbag Americans! Just leave the Afghanistans alone!

KJ P (it) wrote: This 35-Minute animated feature that continues the story directly after the conclusion of "Pitch Black," is a far better entry than the first film in this series, but the story itself is not too interesting to begin with. The story elements that come into play here far surpass what I ever thought could be told. Having the same writer as the last film does not help though, seeing as the same lame jokes and weak emotional moments all come into play. The action is awesome in this short film and the story is just more enjoyable. There is not much to say about it, because it is just a segue into "The Chronicles of Riddick," but there should have been much more of this sort of thing in the first film. It's not a great film, but as a middle-piece, it's a decent movie.

Adam K (es) wrote: Imperfect yet enjoyable.

Brad S (de) wrote: It just wouldn't be Christmastime without this movie for me, probably watched this 10 times now. Billy Bob Thornton gives he best performance, he's just perfect in it. The writing is excellent, from the Coen Brothers. John Ritter, Tony Cox and Bernie Mac are all great in supporting roles. The real star is the kid, who is perfectly cast. A must!

Stuart R (kr) wrote: An interesting and unique film. Pretty good apart from the rape scene...

Lee V (fr) wrote: I've just seen the Patrick Stewart bits on youtube, and for that alone Jeffrey gets 3 stars.

Isabel F (br) wrote: la mera hostia, lom de las tetas, magnificamente cierto

Steve T (gb) wrote: Kathy Bates is in this, and its cinematography is stunning.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: The elderly who left with the aliens return to Earth as their companions work to retrieve additional pods left in the ocean and one that was recovered by the government. All cast members return in some form. Still decent but wisely left at just one sequel.

Nicholas A (ag) wrote: Brutal, epic and brilliant on all fronts

Jeff K (br) wrote: Great performance by Bale, the scenes were he shares his thoughts on well known musicians as he prepares for murder is top notch.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: I decided to watch this movie out of pure curiosity. I did, in fact, expect this film to be a little "preachy". However, I did not expect it to be as biased and one-sided as it was. Instead of being a "reasonable debate" film, it was actually a movie about stereotypes and expressing an agenda. Much of the film consisted of subplots and unnecessary scenes that distracted from the primary objective of the story(If there was any). I could not resonate with any of the characters nor care about the "plot." Everything about this movie felt a bit out of place.