Boeing, Boeing

Boeing, Boeing

Living in Paris, journalist Bernard has devised a scheme to keep three fiancées: Lufthansa, Air France and British United. Everything works fine as long as they only come home every third day. But when there's a change in their working schedule, they will be able to be home every second day instead. Bernard's carefully structured life is breaking apart

A friend visits his philandering friend just as that man's scheme of being secretly simultaneously engaged to three flight attendants goes awry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan K (gb) wrote: This movie is so bad and so dumb that it can be entertaining while with friends...or a messed up porno film.

Grace O (jp) wrote: i was like, "HUH???" for the entire movie. really.

LuKhon M (fr) wrote: This movie was mediocre at best. Kristen Stewart is really cute as a blonde. That's about it. Story probably had some deeper meaning but I probably didn't get it. Not terrible, but not something I would watch again.

Eiliv S (gb) wrote: Frustrerende for en som henger som opp i kommunikasjon og psykologien, men s er det da mye av den slags i den virkelige verden ogs. Gir uansett perspektiver p ekteskap.

Steve G (ag) wrote: Don't care how much this movie is crushed. But I love this movie.

Jac W (gb) wrote: One of my all time favourites. 8-)

Mark K (br) wrote: Sonny Chiba is just awesome!

Bill B (de) wrote: This popped up again from the To-Watch Pile and I can happily say that it holds up really well. Great looking film, great sets, nice atmosphere.Nicely atmospheric ghost story that I have to admit I dozed through a short portion of. I enjoyed the film and I think the dozing reflected how tired I was and not necessarily the quality of the film.Well worth a look, give it a rental.

Bastien M (ag) wrote: J'en ai reve des annees, je l'ai enfin vu ; au final je suis assez decu... Belmondo est tres bien, fidele a son role de seducteur a l'humour et aux muscles saillants. Delon, en revanche, fait pale figure a ses cotes, surjouant le caid italien (encore que ce sera pire dans la suite) et dont le seul merite est d'avoir engage Bebel au casting (avec qui il se disputera neanmoins pour une histoire de nom a l'affiche). La reconstitution est sympa bien qu'un peu fauchee, et le recit tourne vite en rond...

Stefanie R (gb) wrote: Wow wow wow... I didn't know Mickey Rooney could play the drums soooo well. Like he says, this movie was "swell"

Mark F (ru) wrote: This is a pretty good caper. It's based on a comic book apparently so it's outlandish and over the top, but it's fun with it. I didn't like the lounge music all the way through, that's really my only main gripe with it. Other than that, it moves along at a good nip, lots of interesting and different locations, quite funny in parts. There were a couple of nice twists that, while I saw them coming, I was happy when they came. Yeah, not bad at all. I'll have to go watch the sequel now.