Boeing Boeing

Boeing Boeing

The movie is an adaptation of the 1960 French play of the same name and is considered to be a cult comedy classic in Malayalam. It was also one of the first commercial successes of the Mohanlal-Mukesh-Priyadarashan team. Shyam (Mohanlal) is a struggling journalist who gets an opportunity to be the caretaker of a flat in the city. Even while engaged to his childhood sweetheart Sreekutty (Menaka); he uses his charms and resourcefulness to make three air-hostesses (Lissie, Ashwini, Madhuri) fall in love with him. With the help of his maid (Sukumari) and friend (Raju) he carefully manages their schedule in the flat so that none of his girlfriends meet each other. Life is good for Shyam, till his former colleague and friend Anil (Mukesh) comes to visit him.

Mohanlal tries dating more than one air hostesses with the help of his friend MUkesh. Works like a charm in the start but things start to crumble which leads to a series of funny events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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