Boer Boerson Jr.

Boer Boerson Jr.

This is the story about the great man of Olderdalen which starts as a simple shop-owner in the country and ends up as a tycoon in the capital (right after WW1.)

This is the story about the great man of Olderdalen which starts as a simple shop-owner in the country and ends up as a tycoon in the capital (right after WW1.) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Boer Boerson Jr. torrent reviews

Tavonna M (ag) wrote: Moving story! Loved the recollection of the lawyers and the audio from the actual court case!

Dean S (it) wrote: I did like this movie. Of course, I do admit to being somewhat biased. Get a couple of good looking Indian men shirtless and I'd enjoy watching them read the phone book. The lead actor, Ankur Vikal, is particularly gorgeous and mesmerizing to look at, with a smile that lights up the room. But I digress... Yes, some of the performances were a bit stiff and the script a bit choppy, but that's all been covered in other reviews. Overall, though, the movie is thoughtful, insightful, and gives us Americans a different view into modern middle-class Indian life, a life not so different from our own: For the gay/homosexual viewer, Mango Souffle is reminiscent of some of the early gay films of the '80s and evokes what many of us [i]of a certain age[/i] went through and, in many parts of the country, still go through. The scene where Ed tells Kamlesh that their relationship doesn't have a future is particular harsh and totally realistic. For the straight/heterosexual viewer, the movie, hopefully, will offer some insight into what it's like being homosexual in a world that rejects the existence of homosexuals. If all you know about gay people is from watching [i]Will & Grace[/i] or [i]Queer As Folk[/i], here's more realistic view of what most of us go through on a daily basis. As an Indian film made in India, [i]Mango Souffle[/i] is revolutionary and needs to be given a certain amount of respect from that point alone. Oddly enough, this movie reminded me a lot of the classic Mexican film, [i]Dona Herlinda And Her Son[/i], except that in that film there was a wonderful, though unrealistic, happy ending. That film is like a warm, wonderful dream. [i]Mango Souffle[/i] shows the world we wake up to. Still, though, there [b]is[/b] a happy ending, and who doesn't love a happy ending? :)

Charles P (ag) wrote: I was grumbling a lot more than I was chuckling.

forcebucket B (us) wrote: I think this is underrated and overshadowed by it's predecessors. It might not have the incredible storytelling of T2, but for me it was a lot of fun.

Tim H (kr) wrote: A gifted inventor become the world's greatest rock'n'roll roadie. Maybe it takes looking back on this really strange movie to realize how clever and inventive it really is. Not high art by any means, but so funny/odd you are spellbound by it.

David G (it) wrote: It's the right step for the franchise but It's frustratingly told with incoherent character motivation.

Jack B (es) wrote: I only saw some of this Horror/Sci-Fi but to be honest what I saw was so deliriously mental, that it is almost impossible not to admire in any level.

Jacob W (es) wrote: There's much potential in this film that is wasted in the end. The chemistry between Segel and Blunt is there, but the story takes a weird road to the end and clutters the streets. The comedy is very satisfying, but again is mottled with odd direction in tying the loose ending to the long-running jokes and characters. Overall it's an alright comedy. Just don't expect anything worth more than a look. (64%)

James D (ag) wrote: I really liked it thought it was a good story!!!